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Unable to get more Thiroyd S Great Pharma via Usual Place

Today, I went to order more "Thiroyd" from my usual supplier to be told it was not available and they didn't know whether it would become available again in the future. Has anyone found an alternative supplier who sells a similar product. This one suits me so well, I am worried if I can't get it anymore. Please P.M me if necessary. Many thanks,


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The same thing happened to me last week although they just said it was out of stock and I might like to try T.R. I had previously tried Thyroid-S and found no difference in the two, except the price, so I have ordered some of that instead. Hope you find a new supplier.


Thank you, Jan. I have found Thiroyd on <another site> but it's more than twice as much. Still, needs must. I don't like the idea of a sugar coating on the T.R. Trying to cut down on sugar! That's a nice looking grey in your photo. Is it an Arab?


Hello BethDarrall, I have never heard of <that site>, is it an American site?

I have only ever had the one supplier since starting NDT, didn't know there were alternatives for Thiroyd. Thiroyd has suited me fine but I did try Thyroid.S for a time and it seemed okay so hopefully it won't let me down when it arrives.

Yes, isn't (s)he beautiful. She's not mine so not sure if she's an Arab. I have several cousins who are well into horses and of course I love them myself. That sense of freedom and joy just inspires me to keep going!!!!!!


Hi Louise, would you mind terribly sharing your online source with me? I can't work out which site's likely to deliver safely to the UK and which isn't!

I've been on levothyroxine for 15 years and it's just not working: from the ingredients Thiroyd would be my preferred starter NDT.

How are you getting on these days? How long have you been on Thiroyd so far - and is it the holy grail I'm hoping for?!



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