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New to T3... Starting ASAP!


Hi.. I've posted on here before with my results and I have at last obtained some T3 as my T4 is high and T3 low so not converting.

I want to start taking it immediately like now, tonight (miss impatient!) as I've been waiting and waiting as my endo has performed test after test after test all proving nothing!

Few questions if anyone can help please:

1. Can I start tonight with 1/4 (ug) tablet then repeat tomorrow at 1/4 tablet a day for 2 weeks then increase to half a tablet. Will it be an issue taking 1/4 tonight?

2. What time of the day is actually most optimal to take?

3. If I cut up 30 tablets at once (into 120 quarters) do they have a shelf life OUT of the blister pack?

Many thanks and look forward to your responses AND starting!! :-)

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Your FT3 4.88 2 months ago doesn't indicate poor conversion. No reason why you shouldn't take 6.25mcg tonight. Worst that will happen is it may keep you awake. There's no best time to take it. Most people take one dose with their Levothyroxine and a second dose some hours later or at bedtime.

If you intend to increase to 12.5mcg it may be an idea to reduce Levothyroxine dose by 25mcg. I would hold at 12.5mcg + reduced dose Levothyroxine for 6-8 weeks and have a thyroid test including FT3 to check levels before increasing further.

I quarter or halve tablets daily/alternate days as required. If you take 30 x tablets out of the blister pack and cut them they may absorb moisture and degrade.

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Thanks Clutter, I was going on my previous tests which stated T3 as lower. I took one last night and slept ok ish! I will not cut up tablets anymore until I need them as you recommended 😄

Thanks again


Debs_69 Reading your previous posts it looks as though you were advised that your conversion could be better, and that you had a conversion problem, not that you weren't converting.

Greygoose advised this regarding starting T3:

"As to how much, as with all hormones, you should start low - about a quarter of a tablet - and increase slowly. Whilst at the same time, lowering that useless T4. Imagine that T3 is three times the strength of T4 (although if you're not converting it, T4 has no strength at all!) and reduce 25 mcg T4 when you reach a dose of 3/4 of a tablet of T3. Increase your T3 by a quarter tablet every two weeks, until you get to one tablet, and then get a test, see how you're doing. You can't go any quicker, because your body is so starved of T3 at the moment, it needs to get used to it gradually."

I actually took it slower than that, reduced Levo by 25mcg straight away when I added 6.25mcg T3. Increased to 12.5mcg T3 after 2 weeks then stayed at that dose for a couple of months and retested.

Did you see your GP about your under range B12? Did he test for Pernicious Anaemia?

Did you start supplementing with Vit D/K2/magnesium?

Hi SeasideSusie

I showed my doc the results from Blue Horizon but she was not happy taking someone else's results and retested through the practice. They came back fine. My endo also tested everything again and said everything was good except my T4 was in high levels an T3 in low range but still refused to help saying I should reduce my calorie intake and see a dietician and recommended I start on Saxenda in January when he "thinks" it will be cleared for use in the UK. What I CAN'T seem to get into their heads is that I AM NOT overeating but eating very healthy. The way he talked you would think I had my head in the fridge 24/7! That's when I told him I would start the T3. He of course advised against it saying the BTA guidelines recommend I shouldn't but he couldn't stop me so I intend to do this then tell my GP after testing myself and hopefully getting my levels sorted. I will reduce the T4 and slowly increase my T3 and see how I feel. We after all know our own bodies unlike the doctors seem to believe.

Thanks all

Hi Debs, when I decided to go to T3 only, I stopped my normal tablet entirely and went directly to T3 (quarter tablet). After a few days I didn't feel any effect so I took half a tablet. I was up to one whole tablet in no time. I felt on the fourth day after a raise, I could tell if it was going into over medication so I slowed down. This is just one personal experience.

Some people have built up a lot of reverse T3. Do you know if that is your problem as well?

The T3 you are taking will help reduce that slowly. I'm not sure why people continue with any T4 at all during this transition since apparently you weren't converting but I'm not a doctor and maybe there is a good reason to have SOME T4 in your system.

This isn't exactly fitting but perhaps it will help.

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Hi Heloise

Thanks for your response. I never actually considered stopping T4 immediately as most people have recommended I reduce as I increase T3. I will see how it goes slowly increasing one and decreasing the other and take it from there unless I feel nothing is happening then I may consider stopping the T4.

I've not had reverse T3 tested. I will include that in my next set of tests to get a better picture.

Thanks again

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