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Hi,my consultant is making me go on T4

(100) and T3(5 mg) I am on 21/4 grains of WPthyroid. Tsh 0.04 (.27/4.2) T4 9.1(12.0/22.0). T3 1.60(1.30/31) . my doctor told me to up it 21/4 gains and now i fell great now,( i have apointment every 6 month)but my consultant says I am over and is making me go off the WP. She says that NDT is very dangerous. I have been on it for 2 years. The Eltroxin never suited me.I was very I'll on it. But she still ii making me go on it. My questions are , is she given me the correct dose and what's the best way to take it. Please help.

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  • Abbiryan By doctor, do you mean your NHS GP?

    Your consultant is obviously going by TSH alone.

    Ask your consultant for written evidence of how/why NDT is dangerous. If she says it's because your TSH is suppressed, that is not a reason for why NDT is dangerous, push for the evidence.

    You feel great on WP Thyroid, you were very ill on thyroxine.

    If the doctor who is supporting you being on NDT is your NHS GP and he is happy for you to stay on it, then just ditch your endo and stick with your GP. You don't have to continue with the endo.

  • Thank you for answering me so soon. I am from Ireland and she is writing to the doctor and the doctor is very nervous about NDT , I don't think he will go against her, but I could try

    She says , she taking me off because of the tsh being surpressed ,( but does the t3 do the same)she is very anti NDT .every thing said did not make a difference, she actual said it would be drug abuse if she allowed me to stay. She said I would get osteoporosis, if I stayed on it.

  • Yes, T3 in any form will reduce/suppress TSH and it usually reduces FT4 too. And as Clutter has said, as long as FT3 is in range you are not overmedicated.

    Your endo is talking from the perspective of someone who knows nothing about NDT. As I said, ask for the evidence to show it is dangerous. Gather your own evidence to show her that it is not - ask on the forum for links to evidence and I'm sure some members will respond. I can't help I'm afraid as I take T4/T3 combo so have no saved links to NDT.

    NDT can be, and is, supplied on a 'named patient basis' in the UK, not very often but it does happen.

    You must emphasise how ill you were on thyroxine and how it affected you and your every day life and insist you will not allow yourself to be that ill again.

    You have to decide what you want to do and fight your corner. If necessary you can obtain NDT without prescription (not WP Thyroid but there are others to try which you may find just as good), but if you go down that route then ask for recommendations of suppliers to be sent to you by PM.

  • Abbiryan PS - It can't be drug abuse. NDT is not a drug, it's a hormone. You wont get osteoporosis - again ask her for evidence.

  • Yes you are right. I think she is trying to scare me off NDT

  • SeasideSusie,

    WP is available without prescription.

  • Oh right, thank you Clutter :) I was sure I'd read it was one of the ones you needed a prescription for. I must be mixing it up with another brand.

  • SeasideSusie,

    All brands NDT require prescription in the UK and US but they're all also available online without prescription.

  • I only know of the Thai ones that are available without prescription but as I don't use NDT I'm not au fait with all the other brands that can be sourced outside the UK.

  • Abbiryan,

    If you feel good on 2.25 grains WP tell your consultant you will NOT stop taking it. She may not like NDT but it was used for decades before Levothyroxine and Liothyronine were invented. WP is listed in the US national formulary so it complies with US pharmacopeia reglulations.

    Suppressed TSH does not mean you are over medicated. FT3 is within range so you are NOT over medicated.

    2.25 grains contains 85.5mcg T4 and 22.5mcg T3 which is equivalent to 162.5mcg T4 so your endo is reducing dose considerably.

  • Thank you both you are great.I did tell her that suppressed tsh didn't mean that I was over but would not change her mind. I am going to make appointment with my GP tomorrow and talk to him and see if he will keep me on NDT or ask him to send me to another consultant ( a private one this time).I will try to get as much information about NDT as can. Thank you again.

  • Abbiryan If you decide to see a private endo, email for the list of member recommended endos then ring up any you are interested in and ask the secretary if he/she prescribes NDT. Worth checking, you don't want to pay then find out they won't prescribe it.

  • Oh thank you that's very helpful.

  • No-one can 'make' you take anything! If you are fine as you are then stick with it! Your consultant is wrong there is nothing wrong in taking NDT. Try the broken record method of repeating you are fine as you are.

  • Thank you,that's a great idea I will do that. I am going to see my doctor later this week,,( waiting for letter to be sent out from her first) and then I will tell him I will not go off WP.

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