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Hull water fluoridation proposal

Just heard Radio 4's Today programme which had a 5 minute item about this.

Date 26/22/16, about 1.45 into the programme - so nearly at the end

Includes Joanne Lomax of the campaign group 'Hull for Pure Water' saying that fluoride is potentially toxic to the body and can cause underactive thyroid.

More about this on the ThyroidUK website's News page

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Yep, sodium fluoride nasty stuff, recently re-classified.


Yes, I heard it, I was so angry I was shouting at the radio.


Severn Trent have been adding fluoride to tap water since the 1970's :(


They aren't the only ones.

I wonder if they have an increased rate of underactive thyroid problems. Or else if they have a reduced rate of overactive thyroid problems - once upon a time it was used to reduce hyperactivity.


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