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Pro-biotic advice please, for a very sensitive gut?

I am currently taking Biocare Bio Acidophilus, but am finding it very harsh, in as much as I have lower stomach pain for a couples of hours after passing motions. The same thing happened when I took Bio-Nutri EcoDophilus

I have been thinking of switching to Bio-Kult. Can anyone tell me if that has proved comfortable for them and whether they can recommend it. Or is there anything else that you lovely folk have found helpful for a sensitive system ?

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I cannot advise but I have stomach problems if I don't take either Apple Cider Vinegar or Betaine/pepsin tablets with meals. If hypo we can have another condition called hypochlorhydria and explanation is i this link:-


My daughter is super-sensitive and she manages Bio-kilt OK.


Thank you josiesjum, that's encouraging!

I am also super sensitive !!!!😽


I use bio cult and it has helped me a lot. No problems with it at all. I take early morning and hour before food (Im not yet on thyroid meds though). I sometimes have liquorice or ig I get upset stomach I have a ginger tea and this settles it.



Thank you Hebden, I have tried so many things, but as Bio Kult is such a very different product to most of them, I thought I'd give it a go.


I use Bio Kult, but what happens is the bad bacteria when treated can give you a "die off" situation which means you can feel worse before you feel better, this is normal but uncomfortable. Have a google about die off and see what you can learn.


Yes I have read about 'die off', but as I have an uncomfortable stomach so often , I'm begining to come to the conclusion that I probably need to increase my cider vinegar , plus the Bio Kult help site is quite encouraging especially in regard to die off.

It appears to be such a different type of pro biotic I thought I'd try it. I just wanted to hear how users of the product found it! Thanks so much for replying.

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I started fermenting my own sauerkraut, it's very easy done properly. Has really helped me.


my mom takes difestive advatge and i am wondering if this is cause her gut to hurt


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