I just HAD to share this with you, I an in no way whatsoever undermining depression I have supported depressed people I know how awful it is but I recently asked for a copy if some e mails that Dr had sent to Endo and the reply, we have a new receptionist and she also printed a letter that had previously been sent one line reads;

" My impression is that sub-clinical thyroid disease and depression are different diagnosis)

And she trained for how long? It wasn't wasted time was it???!!!!

Hope it made you smile I certainly did I can't wait to see her again!!

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  • Well, you know what they say...

    Question : What do you call the person who graduated bottom of their medical class?

    Answer : Doctor.

  • Brilliant I shared it with my reki lady today she laughed her socks off thanks c

  • Debsoxford

    Hope you are well .. that certainly says it all!!!! No wonder we don't get taken seriously if a doctor has so little knowledge on Thyroid. That's great you got correspondence but not great whatthe GP said !! Oh dear!! What are we up against!! Hugs xx

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