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What can a Pescatarian w/ high mercury-Hashimotos, and leaky gut eat???

Huge question: What can a Pescatarian with high mercury eat if they have Hashimotos, leaky gut and already follow a Paleo, Gluten and Dairy Free diet?

Agh...running into a brick wall here!!! Due to my high mercury of 217, I am scared to eat fish really without taking any Zeolite or Charcoal...they are to arrive soon.

But, I am really running out of ideas as to what I can eat???

I have been buying mussels and small wild fish, but now I am really questioning all fish and seafood!!! I think I am down to only eggs, vegetables and salads...

Any creative ideas would be really helpful as each day is really presenting a challenge.


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Bolognese made with quorn mince

Chicken curry made with quorn chicken pieces and so on.

Would this be of help? You poor thing you must be starving! Xx


Thanks for the message. I had no idea as to what quorn was. But thanks, I looked it up...but I think I will pass.

Actually, not starving but restless. One can only eat so much fruit, vegs and eggs! How awlful is this. My fish and seafood has been perfect, but man has now spoiled it!!! Blah😭

Oh just frustrated!!


I hear your frustration and feel for you sorry I m not much help....I don't what else to suggest apart from dropping paleo and stick with gluten and dairy free, leaky gut should improve with gluten free shouldn't it. X


Polly3- Thank you for the support. No worries, I just need to be creative. I will say fortunately, my leaky gut is not so bothersome anymore. It seems like allvthe supplements and FREE everything is paying off.

Now, I will just have to watch my iron as I have a feeling it will drop quickly.

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Enfrance, not all fish is high in mercury, it very much depends where it comes from. Research the sources of the fish you buy and the levels of mercury contamination in the areas.


Clutter-Thank you I will research the areas where I am. Overall, unfortunately, I have found alot of contradiction so it appears to be anyones' guess. :(

Basically, I have been a Pescatarian for 5 years, but of course I have eaten alot of Swordfish, Tuna and Salmon...guess the wrong picks.

Now, I just wonder if I eat much less in general or I eat the smaller fish, sardines, mussels maybe shrimp and only white fish...PLUS the Zeolite, Charcoal and other supplements to detox....I might get better??

Well anyways, I will keep everyone posted.

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Enfrance, You haven't made wrong picks unless the fish is from contaminated areas. Have you checked with your dentist to see whether any amalgam fillings are ok?


Great again! Its on my do list. I am going to inquire about my amalgram fillings next Dentist appt.

You know it turns out alot of the mercury side effects are similiar to that of thyroid problems. So its hard to say which one is causing more havoc or is it both of them?


Enfrance, probably the combination of both. If you can reduce the mercury levels thyroid may respond better.


Right. This my objective and happy thought now.

Question for you. Any possibility of taking my T3 dose all at once? Just curious.


Enfrance, a lot of people do. I prefer to even out the peaks by split dosing.


Okay, maybe I will try it. However, I will say that I haven't noticed any real peaks yet? But perhaps, it is just a low dose yet for me?


Enfrance, the peaks happen physiologically after ingestion whether you feel them or not. I was quite happy taking 40mcg T3 in one dose but was advised to split dose. I didn't *feel* any different either way. Diogenes likened one daily dose to the impact of a huge wave on the shore whereas split dosing is like smaller waves washing up, gentler.


Gotcha-thus far nile , nada, nothing. But anxios to hit the surf!!!

This Sunday I increase by the 6.25.😄


Start eating meat. I was in exactly the same situation as you and am sure that vegetarian/pescetarian diet was a bad mistake. You can read loads of doctors about why vegetarian diet is not adequate nutritionally and super nutrition is what you need. I've been much healthier back on meat. Don't switch to Quorn - it's a fungus so bad for leaky gut and even gives some people (a lot of people) diarrhoea. Meat and veg is best. Read the Wahls Protocol for great diet for auto-immunity.


Sara-can you please tell me a little bit about your experience? I did watch a video about the The Wahls diet and wow!! I have since ordered the book! It would be really helpful if you could tell me a bit more. Were you a Pescatarian before? How high was your mercury? Did you do a detox if so how? How did you transition into eating meat etc.?




Knackersyard- Okay I am doing it! I no longer have a choice so I'm okay with it. It is definitely a transition, but definitely less tummy sensitivities whereas one might have thought the opposite.

Thank you for your input!!😄😘


Thank you for your response. I will keep your thoughts in mind. The thing is I have really been the healthiest I have ever been since I left the meat world 5 years ago proven by blood tests. So I am very apprehensive about eating meat again...just because my fish has been contaminated unfortunately. However, I am now struggling a bit with the idea..

I appreciate your feedback!!😘


Read Grain Brain. Fantastic books & both have loads recipes.

The suggested daily supplement protocol includes natural antiinflamatories to help heal your gut, plus Probiotics to rebuild. The supplements are :

5000 IU Vit D3

Omega 3 DHA

Coconut Oil



100mg Resveratrol

good luck!


Thank you. I read it. The only supplement I havent taken was DHA and Resveratrol. I will pull my book back out!😄


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