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NEWBIE- Confusing test results help!

Hi initial bloods pointed towards hyper. Hosptial follow up bloods have shown improvement on t3 and t4 (TSH still 0.03 not too sure what this means!)

Main query:

Blood test results- thyroid antibody negative

Anti TSH receptor AB- high result with comment (positive for ab against thyroid stimulatory hormone receptor suggesting graves)

Dr notes- TFTs improved thyroid antibody negative likely thyroiditis no treatment required

No mention of graves as per the blood results? Any ideas help!

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Hi Nikkijdm, Welcome to the forum.

Do you think you could give us the actual numbers, please, with the ranges? Just saying high or low doesn't really tell us very much.

What was initially tested? Just the TSH? A low TSH on its own doesn't automatically mean you are hyper. It's high FT3 that means hyper - the TSH is low as a consequence.

If you had low TSH with low FT4 and FT3, then it could be a pituitary problem, rather than a thyroid gland problem. But one would need to see the actual numbers to understand. :)

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