Parathyroid tumor help!

I'm a 41 yr old lady from Mi.I have found this site looking for answers.I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and hypercalcemia this past year! I've been very ill,and all the endocrinologist kept telling me was they needed to watch me.All my T levels are fine,just my TSH is high.Endo said he thought I had a nodule/tumor,but wouldn't scan me.Finally here in October I went back again for check up.I told him I had a appointment in December for a 2nd opinion.He says well....I can run your scans! A week ago I got the results back as parathyroid adenoma tumor it is 3.4cm x 1.6cm.., That's big the doctor says! I'm going to this other doctor soon,but I'm just curious of others outcome? I've been told I will never get better without tumor removed!

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  • Northern, sorry you've had this bad news :( You may find this site helpful as it's totally about parathyroid unlike our forum which focusses on the thyroid.

  • Thanks for the site info😉

  • Hi There is a lot of parathyroid info on

    You do need to have the adenoma removed to reduce calcium levels and symptoms. I had it done about 3 years ago, it's usually a fairly simple op but you absolutely must find a surgeon who has lots of experience with parathyroid ops.

    Don't let your Endo take the watch and wait approach, it won't get better on its own !

  • Thanks I will check other site,and my 2nd opinion is at the state renown UofM for good doctors😉

  • All the best, hope you get the medical attention you need and feel better soon!

  • Had this operation this year... so much better immediately after. Confirm Bantam's advice, get a surgeon who does plenty of these operations, I had mine done by a Professor who was wonderful

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