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Sorry to be a nuisance but I really don't know much about my results. I posted them earlier today looking for some help with them but haven't had any replies yet. Would really appreciate some help in figuring them out. I'm new at this and my doctor has been great but I feel as though I'm in his surgery for ages when I go. I've been I'll for 11 months now (started with a virus which led to ITP which is an autoimmune condition) and this week I've been told that has now gone into remission. Now with the under active thyroid I'm still feeling rubbish. Beginning to feel as though I'll never get back to how I was before all this started!



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Hi Vibo, I'm sorry, I've looked for your results but I can't find them. Did you post them as a question under the same name?

Hugs, Grey

Hi Grey

Yeah, she did. :)


Thank you Louise. Don't know why I couldn't find it... Still, nothing much to add, you've said it all! lol

Blood test results mean nothing, everyone is different, it is about how you feel not what the tests say. If you still feel ill then I' m afraid it is a fight to get proper treatment but don' t give up it is worth it in the end!!!

Glynis...Reply below... x:)

Thank you for getting back to me. Glynisrose, I do feel awful - exhausted all the time, difficulty walking because of stamina (or lack of) and pain in my lower back. As well as always finding new aches and pains. Hair coming away in my hands ( luckily I have very thick hair so it's not really noticeable).

Grey and Louise - the figures are:

plasma C reactive protein 13mg/L (0-6)

Thyroid peroxidase antibod lev 343iu/ml (0.0-34.0)


4427 Free T4 11.1pmol/L (9.0-21.0)

HI 442W Serum TSH 9.77mU/L (0.20-5.00)

Does having Hashi make any difference? Feel so ignorant about this condition!



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:) xx

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