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The best information I've found is at parathyroid.com. I just posted some quotes from there. I have had one parathyroid tumor removed and now my labs are slightly off again and my Colorado endocrinologist is just monitoring my blood. It's frustrating because following all the recommendations to be healthy (diet, exercise, sleep, low stress, staying in community) my symptoms are still rampant and unpredictable. My husband is constantly irritated with me because of my inability to keep up with him.

Any ideas I may not have discovered?

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I am sorry your husband is getting irritated. Let him have a parathyroid tumour removed and remain as healthy/fit as he once was. He'd be upset if you weren't sympathetic.

Those who've had parathyroid problems will respond. On the right-hand column you will see other parathyroid questions/posts which may be helpful.




It's not unusual for adenomas to be missed during surgery, did you have the minimal or open type op ?


Minimal. The bloodwork in recovery had dropped way into the normal range and my bone density scan improved. Then 4 years later my labs are worse.


Unfortunately with the minimal op the surgeon either doesn't or can't do a thorough exploration of all the glands. Why aren't your docs advising further surgery or putting you on Cinacalcet to control your levels ? Monitoring isn't going to help you in any way, as you know.

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The calcium has not appeared in my urine. Minimal invasive surgery has less risk. If another tumor had been present at the time of my first surgery, my labs would have remained high. Everything indicates this is recurrent not preexisting.


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