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New with questions

Hi my sister Nanny Lynn is on this site! Her and I are genetically alike in so many ways it's ridiculous! I've had all the t3 t4 tests and it comes out fine! I have many symptoms of thyroid? Loosing hair sporadically! Recently had throat surgery to find out why my throat swells up on my left side, leaving me with pinhole for an airway! I asked my ENT what do I do wen I can't breathe, my asthma inhaler not working? They said go to a Pulmanary doc, I recently went to Pulmanary doc for sleep apnea and asked her what do I do when my throat swells and I can't breathe, guess what she said, yeah u got it , GO TO UR ENT!!! Lol... I have APS, Sjogrens, & RA! One of my administrator's said THYROID goes as trio with APS & Sjogrens! I also have another thick blood disorder called Polycythemia Vera! Rare! My sis said something about Hashimotos! All I want to do is unseemly my throat so I don't have to call 911 ambulances to be tubed!!! Lol... I lost my left leg to undiagnosed APS! Was under care do 13 years with Hemotologist and he never caught it till after my leg loss!!! Omg horrible! But I'm a 63 yr old "Crazy Lady," as I'm kindly called by most people! I let nothing like illness bother me! Had JRA as a kid and was sick with rare thing all my life, so I move on! Others have it worse! What is hashimotos! Cud I have undiagnosed thyroid issues? GODSPEED

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Welcome to the forum, Debbweb01.

If you post your most recent thyroid results with the ranges (the figures in brackets after results) members will advise whether you have thyroid dysfunction.

Hashimoto's is an autoimmune thyroid disease which attacks the thyroid gland. It progressively destroys the gland until it is unable to produce T4 and T3 hormone. 90% of hypothyroidism is caused by Hashimoto's. Thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin antibody tests will usually confirm or rule out Hashimoto's.

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Ok cuz I just don't know if I ever had asthma! Every 2 years I end up in hospital cuz my inhaler does nothing! Steroids massive amounts only help! I also have many anafalaxis reactions to drugs and many rediculous allergies like being allergic to allergy med and meds to make me breathe! Lol... GODSPEED


I will add Clutter that some time ago I suggested Debbweb01 joined here she is one of our members, as she has Hughes Syndrome/APS as does her sister, I suggested this was the best place! MaryF



Thank you. Just need her results and ranges and we'll see whether she has thyroid dysfunction or not.


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