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Why is there such a big price difference in suppliers oF ERFA tablets?

Alium Medical Services are charging

ERFA Thyroid 30mg 20p per tablet

ERFA Thyroid 60mg 25p per tablet

ERFA Thyroid 120mg 35per tablet, plus £6.50p charge.

Yet Tollesbury Pharmacy quote

ERFA Thyroid 30 mg 0.80p per tablet

ERFA Thyroid 60mg 0.80p per tablet?

Why such a big difference in two chemists? I tried TOLLESBURY first and was left stunned, especially when I was told the price. Who is right. Could Alium Medical services be selling me dud tablets? Or are TOLLESBURY just overcharging?

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For anyone who does not recognise the name Alium:

Pharmarama International Limited relaunches as Alium Medical

Published date:


Pharmarama International Ltd, one of the leading specialist in pharmaceutical services, has relaunched under the new brand name Alium Medical Limited. This is the final piece of the jigsaw to realign the brand following the appointment of Nadia Whittley as CEO in January this year.

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