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Just been for an appointment with another GP (my regular one is on holiday) to ask for some additional blood tests like FT3 etc and not only was he totally uninterested in my concerns about levothyroxine working he initially had no idea what FT3 was??!!

He then started banging on about how my TSH was now in range and how he didn't understand why I wanted additional tests done!

I had to explain to him I have Hashimotos and that it causes the TSH to fluctuate so can't be relied on and he had the gaul to dismiss this and say it was a reliable indicator.

Just shocked at how poorly educated some GPS are on this topic and yet they monitor us and provide our medication!!

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  • Yep, that's about right whatevs ! Makes you sick doesn't it? And we place our health in their hands - shakes head in despair.........

  • Indeed.

    They won't do the FT3 test anyway (which is key) so looks like I'll be requesting private bloods....

  • Whatevs,

    FT3 is rarely tested in primary care unless TSH is <0.03 when they suspect hyperthyroidism. Doctors aren't looking for low FT3 in hypothyroid patients. Most doctors think TSH and FT4 are perfect indicators of thyroid function. Worse still, many think TSH is all that is required.

  • It seems like the NHS likes to make a lot of assumptions in the interests of simplicity.

    Why not at least do a one off test to check someone is actually converting properly and then (if they are) continue to monitor TSH and T4

  • It's so sad.And we have to put our lives in there hands,now isn't that scary for us sufferers.

  • Sounds like very GP I've ever seen!

  • Anyone been watching the series from Dr Tom OBruan on The Autoimmune Epidemic? It's brilliant at explaining why and Episode 4 playing today. All free if you register. I can post link if I'm allowed!

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