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Low Vitimin D


Hi am taking 25mgs Levo now and feel better than I did, felt unwell with palpitations on 50mgs. Recently had blood test Dr rang to say levels were ok but Vitimin D was low any suggestions how to up this and is this usual with thyroid problems. Also my cholesterol levels are raised as well. I am getting loads of joint pain especially in hip. Any advice most welcome.

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Zizzy1591 Low Vit D is very common with us Hypos, also many of us have low B12, ferritin and folate which is why we often suggest they are tested.

What is your level? It depends on what it is how much D3 you should take? Your joint pain is doubtless tied up with your low Vit D.

Your high cholesterol is likely to be causes by your hypothyroidism and once optimally treated thyroid wise your cholesterol will most likely reduce. Do you have your most recent blood tests, with reference ranges?

Many thanks for your reply I have an appointment with Dr in two weeks time so will ask for the info on ranges 🙂

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