Vitamin D deficency


I am new to this and this is my first post/question!

I am on 175/200 of Levothyroxine daily and before christmas I was diagnosis with a Vitamin D defiency. I am now taking 10,000IU daily and have been told to that once I have done this for 3 months I will be ok. Also that I will not need to be tested again and will not need any further treatment! This seems silly to me as how do they know with out testing that the levels are correct and that they stay correct!

What advice do you have?

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That's like filling the tank with petrol in London and arriving in Moscow without refueling. Magical thinking.

Take your vitamin D3 with your main meal assuming it contains fat or oil.... this will maximize absorption.

People should have their vitamin D level tested in September. If it's good, then supplementing with 2,000 IU per day or 14,000 IU once per week from September to April will keep it at a good level. If in September the level is low, then supplementing 4,000 IU per day or 30,000 IU once per week is needed to get the level up and keep it up during the winter. sure I read somewhere that it is now suggested that 4000 IU's daily is the dose throughout the winter months. Maybe Grassroots health ?

That's what the neurologists were saying here a few weeks ago at the Vitamin D conference.

Meantime the neurologist whose lecture was posted here a while ago, says that if D levels are good in September then 2000 IU per day will keep them stable. 1,000 IU per day results in deficiency by February.

Better to err on the side of caution and get 4,000 IU per day in winter.

But as Heloise mentions below, vitamin K2 and also vitamin A all work together. So they all need to be considered.

Absolutely :-) Thanks for your reply ....

So really I should have the levels checked each September and not just left as my Gp stated! Also is there anything else I can take with the levo which will help with the constant tiredness? If it also helps with weight loss it would be even better!!!

When you find out, let me know. :)

In all seriousness you also need to have your ferritin, folate, and B12 checked.

You need to have your fT4 and fT3 checked to see if you are converting the prohormone thyroxine into the active hormone liothyronine in your body. Even though you are on a relatively high dose of T4, it is possible your fT3 is not high enough to provide you with the energy you require.

You should be on enough thyroxine to absorb nutrients from you diet unless you've had your gallbladder removed or something like that. I know it's potentially a lot of work, but there are nutrition sites like where you can plug in the foods you eat and find out if you are getting enough vitamins and minerals from the diet. There's some other website as well but can't remember what it's called. Cut out stuff like sugar and junkfood. The calories add up biggie time.

All my blood tests show that my T3 is ok and I have had my B12 checked and that is ok to! As far as junk food and sugar goni have been doing Slimming world for the last 4 years so rarely have them!

I know two people who have been following that Michael Mosley guy and whatever it is he recommends. I don't know much of anything about this guy but both of these people have lost 30 and 40 pounds each over the past year. I was actually shocked because the husband looks way too thin. The wife looks good. Apparently it's not a 'weight loss diet' it's a life eating plan.

I don't know what Slimming world is. I live in Canada.

Slimming world really isnt a diet its healthy eating. In England we have weekly meetings just like Weight Watchers but ours is healthy eating with out all the weighing etc. I had lost 5st 12 lb but over the past year -18mths I keep gaining weight even though i stick to the plan! But still I have lost over 4 st since i started.

It's because of slimming world I realised I was hypo .. My mum list 3st & I lost 0.. Not a thing. I was so upset, especially when my mum was doing so well..

That's a really amazing weight loss. Congratulations.

Durky, some of us are taking T3, either alone or along with NDT or T4. We can buy it over the counter in some places because it is considered a weight loss drug. It is the same T3 that your body needs to raise metabolism. If you have your test results for free T3, it would be interesting to see how high in the range it is. I am thinking you are barely in the lowest part if you have those symptoms.

It is not a 'weight loss' "drug"

It is considered on some Bodybuilding sites to 'tone up pre-competition' - they are very careful to keep to a 3 months cycle or all hell will break loose, and not kick in again - T3 is for those with low T3 only and with actual Thyroid problems!

It is NOT a weight loss 'DRUG' - it is a natural hormone which should not be messed with unless necessary....

Well, at my drug store, it is in the category of weight loss. I assume they are using that term so they can get away with selling it without prescription. I'm not going to argue with them or correct them.

Ah - sorry - 'drug store' - you are across the pond... sorry

I've had difficulty with vitamin D and attempting to take over the counter tablets/liquids did very little. Even the large dose prescription only raised my level from 22 to 37 with the normal range of 50 to 100. I even spend many hours on the golf course in the sun but obviously am not making the conversion necessary. I only use sunblock on my face. Vitamin D is so very important, so I'll keep trying. Remember to take K2 along with your dosing.

Sorry if I am thick but what is K2?

No, you are not thick, it just hasn't been on the radar until fairly recently. It's a vitamin that has to do with blood clotting factors. As I understand, taking vitamin D will raise calcium levels and K2 helps distribute the calcium to proper areas of the body.

Heloise - What parts are you exposing on the golf-course with only sunblock on your face?

yeh I'm cheeky... !

I take 3000iu spray when I remember now - peppermint... (had drops before - from sheep wool apparently) K2 is also in Brie or Gouda, Vit A in liver, most of it in 'old-fashioned' cod-liver oil - or sardines... simple.

Or £300 for a UVB lamp - or a holiday to Tunisia for a week - hmm.. I'm still deciding....

LOL, some golf courses demand proper apparel but one of them allows a tank top. With the thyroid problem I can't tolerate much heat and tried those cooling scarves so I expose as much skin as I can get away with:)

How are you levels of D now? I dropped back to 22, argh. I had been taking 5,000 i.u in olive oil base which didn't work. I am now using Dr. Mercola's sunshine spray hoping it will work sublingually and I also have a Life Extension which are drops of milky fluid. If I wake up pain free one of these days, I'll know something worked, otherwise I'll meet you in Tunesia:)

What? just a tank-top? .... you're very brave!

I mistakenly was walking on a beach like that once.... & the one time only!

My D3 in March was 130 nmol/l (after supplementing 5000iu daily in milk) Last 2 Septs 103 taking just sunshine at 52.5 latitude) lower as hardly any sun-zone... I need to move south... or eat a ton(ne) of fish....

OK - now found my calculator.... (still solar-powered... he he... )

22 in USA measure equals UK measure of 3 imperial quarts - hang on, no...

48.4 nmol/L - IF I've got the right measure, that's low - you need to double it if you can.... (ng to nmol/l is 2½ times)

You're a hoot! What if I cover myself with calculators, will the solar power work

for me, too?

I know I'm dreadfully low but what else can I do? I do like sardines. Dr. Mercola sells a UV machine and it looks like a coffin. So, if it doesn't work out, they can just bury me in it. ha

I won't ask what happened to you on the beach since your answer may go viral.

Where's my manners? Welcome Durky...

Yes most of us are Vital-mineral D deficient (and other stuff like irons B12 etc. - all slowed down by low thyroid response)... 10k iu till spring sounds good to me (after I found out in 2012 I was low & managed to avoid surgery)

if you can get out in the sun summertime it "should" be OK -no sunscreen, for 20 mins - depends on latitude 'tho (note my levels always drop over summer without supplementation - despite sunshine!).

Just keep a record & September tests are ideal to know where you are ... it's not something to be ignored....

Vit D is for life unless calcium goes over range, when it must be stopped regardless. If calcium below range you need that to help the D absorbed. Ask for a calcium test, vital.


I think vit d supplements also depletes magnesium.

yes magnesium is very important too (I have epsom salt baths & a bit in a multivit)

Vit D works with vit A (both are in cod liver oil) Mg and K2 - probably a lot more others in the mix too... all vital minerals are important

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