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Evening everyone, I need to take my Armour twice a day and wondered how you take yours. I usually take the first tablet (60mg) at 7.30-8am before food, before coffee - I wait at least an hour. When would be best to take the 2nd dose, I guess avoiding coffee and food. I did try this before and kept forgetting to take it. I just find having my tablets on my bedside table reminds me and I have always taken them either first thing or last thing. Any advice would be welcome. The second dose would be 45mg. Thank you for all your help with all of my recent questions :) Very grateful to you all.

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How do you find Armour?

Hi Greystone666, umm, well the jury is still out for me. I have not long come off Thyroxin as that didn't seem to be doing anything. I have been on Armour for about 2 months and so far I feel like it's any better than Thyroxin, perhaps a bit worse. I am trying to keep an open mind and hoping that it will take a bit longer to "kick in", I have read that it can take up to about 3 months. I found taking my dose in the morning easier as I remembered to take it. When I split it, I forget the afternoon dose or skip lunch and take the tablet, doesn't seem to work. I also found that I got a dip and felt sleepy and lethargic between doses. I have been feeling rough, my endo thinks it might be because taking all the dose at once is too much for my thyroid. I don't know. I kept playing with Thyroxin, trying to make it work, taking it at different times but it didn't work. I am now doing the same with high hopes, with Armour. I truly hope that it will work, trying to stay positive!! How about yourself? How do you find Armour?


Why not take the 2nd dose at bedtime?

Thank you Clutter - I will try it again. I did that to start with and it kept me awake I think. I also take HRT at bedtime. I did try to come off of this but the night sweats were terrible. I bought a female magnet to try instead of the HRT but that didn't work so I have gone back on HRT. The night sweats don't help with sleeping. It's all a bit of a game isn't it, oh to be a man!! I am sure I will find the right combination, I will keep experimenting and keep my fingers firmly crossed for a "normal" life soon :) :) :) Thank you Clutter.

Sorry the magnet didn't help with your sleep. I was on bioidentical hormone therapy cream at night to help sleep with all the hormones in it. I slowly transitioned off of that when I got the magnet and now I don't need the cream anymore and have not had problems. It's saving me a lot of money. Did you try slowly lowering your dose of hormone rather than just cold turkey with the magnet?

I haven't taken Armour before but I was on Efra which was amazing! 🐷 definitely rule! I tried Thyroxine but it was rubbish! Yes it will take a few months but keep going it changed my life completely. I am now a sane women without horrific hormones!

a couple easier options...set the alarm and take first dose around 6 am....or so....then take the 2nd dose around 11 am or so a hour b4 lunchand then take vitamins at 4pm....

or take first dose early and second dose....around 4 pm...4 hours after lunch and a hour before dinner..and take vitamins at noon with lunch.....

Thank you very much jacjacr! Good idea!! Kind regards and thanks again :)

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