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Blood test analysis

I've had further blood tests requested by Endo. I'm on 50 mg of thyroxin which has just been reduced to 50/25 mg every other day. I've had a thyroidectamy in 2002


Serum-free Triiodothyronine 5 (3.5–6.2)

T4 11.9 (8–16)

TSH 0.04 (0.38–5.33)

What does this mean? What questions should I ask Endo?

I got this result after not taking meds on the morning of blood test, and not on previous day either, and no breakfast. Is this right and why?

Many thanks

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It looks to me as if he believes a low TSH will cause you problems but it doesn't. The fact that your FT3 looks so good when you are on an extremely small dose of thyroid hormones, I think you are doing very well.

How were/are you 'feeling' on your dose before he suggested dropping some days to 25mcg.


Hello Shaws

It's only been a couple of weeks since reducing dose, but I'm sleeping much better. I'm still very fatigued but I feel a lot less wired and stressed

I didn't take my meds the day before and morning of blood you think that would have made a significant difference to the result?


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