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How often should bloods be done?

I was diagnosed in April this year but not actually given any results. The doc phoned to tell me that my "thyroid was underactive and there is evidence of some antibodies." I was prescribed Levo 50mg and told to get my levels checked in 3 months time. Had them checked after 12 weeks ( meds had run out by then) and when I telephoned for the results the receptionist said eveything was normal. Still feeling mega tired and achy with days of brain fog followed by being very alert! Also I am developing patches of psoriasis on hairline and elbows. Wondering wether to ask for B12 to be done as my Grandmother had pernicious anaemia. Haven't actually seen a doc as all this has been done by telephone! How often should I get bloods done? The snotty receptionist said they are only done annually? I'm 63 and wondering if it's now just old age approaching??

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Your thyroid levels should be checked 6-8 weeks after starting Levothyroxine and after any dose adjustment. Once levels are stable thyroid can be checked quarterly, then biannually and finally annually. Ask the GP receptionist for a printout of your last results and ranges and post them in a new question for advice.

There is evidence that psoriasis and other skin conditions develop and get worse when thyroid levels are low. Your fatigure and achiness may also be due to under medication but could also be due to deficient or low ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate which is common in hypothyroid patients. Ask your GP to test and post the results in a new question.


Thank you! I have seen lots of common sense posts on here but it is difficult to think rationally and do what needs to be done.


You should definitely get your B12 checked out (and if possible, folate, ferritin and D too as deficiencies or sub-optimal levels can cause a range of unpleasant symptoms). Re getting tested for thyroid, you should be tested every 10-12 weeks until you reach the dose of Levo where you are feeling well and your TSH is suppressed. You are entitled to see your results, ask the snotty receptionist for a copy, you might have to pay to get them, but you should insist as it's the law.

Don't fall for the 'it's old age creeping up' mindset. You can and should feel well into a ripe old age, but if your thyroid is under attack by antibodies then you'll feel very unwell until you get thyroxine replaced to the right level (which varies for everyone). Bloods are only done annually once you're on a stable dose that works for you, so until then, keep badgering them!

Disclaimer: I'm not medically qualified.


Thank you Jadzhia!

Will try again!

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