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How often should my doctor test me?

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Hi everyone, Just a quick question, I have just come back from my doctors after feeling really rubbish, heart flutters and aching all over. I mentioned could it be the Menopause hanging over me or my thyroid a bit out of kilt? (54 yrs old) to my horror the doc said, am not sure why but you haven't been tested for two years for your thyroid only liver and kidneys etc etc ! I want to complain but feel they will say its your responsibility to get it checked! but I thought they had as I have been a few times and always ask is my thyroid ok to which they have said "yes levels ARE ok" knowing its been a while since testing me. GRRRRR funnily enough I have to be tested next week!

Thanks for any advice :)

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Once stable on Levo thyroid testing is supposed to be carried out once a year.

My surgery used to send reminders, now they don't. I went 3 years without (not that I cared, I do my own testing and avoid theirs if I can) and sometimes it crops up if I see a GP about something else and they mention it's due, or if I see the respiratory nurse for my check and she notices it's due. Whether I book the test or not is whether I can dodge it!!!

Thank you for your reply SeasideSusie ..phew I feel better now knowing it's not just me who's not tested regular...and yes I may look into testing myself... 😊

3 years and they didn't blink an eyelid?. Did they just keep giving you the prescription.? Might be tempted to do it myself. 🤔

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Missgolly34

My repeat prescription form is taken to the pharmacy, they take all the repeat forms to the surgery and the signed prescriptions are picked up by pharmacy staff the next day, I just collect my meds from the pharmacy with the next repeat form enclosed. I imagine it's a production line signing them and the GPs don't bother looking at the patient's record.

I was reminded about needing a test a few times during those three years by either a GP or nurse. I just ignored their request to have it done and didn't book it on my way out. Or if the nurse did book me in then I'd leave it a few days then cancel the appointment because "I had something else arranged that I had forgotten about" or "I'm going away and will rearrange when I get back".

They honestly don't care, they don't follow things up. I don't worry because I do my own testing.

The doctors at my surgery are TSH obsessed and mine is always suppressed so I CBA with constantly trying to discuss the subject when they're not willing to listen.

I find it very annoying and very sad that a lifelong condition can be simply be brushed under the carpet as not so important by many GPs with so many people with it!! surely we can demand to see an endro?? because every doctor in my surgery seem to have a different opinion as to whats ok and what isn't (but when it isn't ok nothings really done either!!) so frustrating. Also i am on propranolol, needed for migraines and heart flutters etc now I find out I shouldn't be on it really ! so confused as I need this med. :(

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