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NYT article about autoimmune disease

A really fascinating NYT article about autoimmune disease:

Written by the author of this book:

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Yes - it is interesting. Really nice to read something that tries not to over-egg the issue.


interesting !!


The more we read - the more we learn. Thank you.


Good find, PB. It's quite scary how coeliac disease can attack the brain.


I thought it was so interesting. I know the focus is on coeliac but there are potential implications for everyone with autoimmune issues.


Dr k mentions this cross reactivity in relation to Hashi sufferers and says it's why we must trial not just a gluten free and dairy free diet but also a GRAIN FREE diet. Hence the auto immune paleo diet. Sad to say I jus tried starting the autoimmune paleo diet and got very sick with extreme gastroenteritis type symptoms and ended up being rushed to hospital. I'm still recovering.

"But even within the literature right now (and I talk about this in my Brain Book), we talk about that there’s certain studies that had been published that show that gluten can also cross-react because of the protein similarity to dairy protein. So that’s why many people don’t really feel better until they get gluten- and dairy-free." Dr K on his brain book

I still think there is a connection to me starting the AIP protocol and my illness, but the interesting thing is that my brain fog and other symptoms dramatically improved in the first 24 hours on the AIP diet. Now I can't follow it because I'm too unwell and there's certainly something wrong with my gut, but the question is where do I go from here?


Crumbs what a pain in the neck that must have been for you. I hope you feel better soon.

That is all v interesting. I have tried a low carb diet and all three times I couldn't manage more than a day. Gf didn't do anything for me (my ABs stayed the same) but I think it's worth trying as some people feel so much better.

Are you going to give it another go? Maybe it was just an unfortunate coincidence as I know there is a stomach bug going around at the moment.


Sorry puncturedbicycle, see my post below. (Chose the wrong reply field in first instance.) By the way, I tried low carb diet also last year some time and crashed on it after a short time too. I find I have to keep on top of my vitamin and mineral levels as well as quite decent calorie count or I go downhill fast. Do you monitor your bloods before during and after a change in diet for vit D, B12, ferritin levels, etc? As a Hashi patient I can't function well and feel unwell without these being functional levels for Hashi (which is different to simply "normal range" readings). Hope you are doing well.


Like you I have to stay on top of vitamins/minerals.

I've been trying b12 injections since oral supplements/patches only seemed to raise my blood levels but were doing nothing for my neuro symptoms. Results have been mixed.

I wouldn't say I monitor my bloods before any changes, only because it is such a big deal getting tests (either convincing my gp or paying myself and having to go into town to have the blood drawn) and it is pretty much a given that I will be low in all the usual suspects (d, b12, iron etc). I do tend to have a test every year.

I've been referred to a consultant for possible Crohn's, which would explain why I struggle to keep my levels up, but I will wait a long time for that appointment and experience shows that these investigations can take a long time to get anywhere.

I know a lot of people recommend Paleo here but I was not able to get through a day on it (sorry, I said I tried low carb but what I meant was Paleo, which I understand is not low carb). Do you have any theories about what it may have done to you to make you so ill?


Thanks puncturedbicycle,

I quite agree it could be coincidental but on the other hand I could tell my stomach was not digesting food well and system is sluggish at best of times of late so I do think my gut health had a lot to do with it. A friend has a book on the microbiome diet by Dr R Kellman (don't know more than that about it) but apparently it will explain why I got so ill ie if bad bacteria are in the gut they give off toxins that can then cross into the bloodstream and cause all manner of nasty stuff. No doubt the radical change in diet had weakened my digestive system's ability to deal with some unhelpful bacteria or viruses and I got very sick. I should have been building up to this. I may try it again but only under the supervision of an very well qualified and experienced integrative medical practitioner who specialises in nutritional medicine, gut health, and thyroid disorders. Fortunately I'm booked to see one at the end of this month and have a whole lot of paperwork he wants me to do first such as a one week food diary, etc. I'm working towards improving my health and clearly trying to do this unsupervised is causing me more harm than good so I'll approach it with humility and get professional advice and support before I undertake anything like this again. It will be interesting to see if this physician thinks I should be trying to go AIP or gluten free at all. We'll see. In the meantime, I jus want to out the sorry experience behind me. And thanks for your kind words - I'm feeling much improved today. Onwards and upwards.


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