Acacia in thyroxine

Feeling really unwell after taking a new brand of thyroxine (Mercury) I did research and found the only difference between it and other brands was that it contained Acacia powder. My pharmacist made a note and made sure I was given other brands. Yesterday I was given Teva brand which also contains acacia and after taking just one I have all the symptoms back.

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  • RoniB,

    Remind your pharmacist that you weren't to be given brands with acacia in and ask that Teva is swapped for Actavis or Wockhardt.

  • Thank you, I plan to do that tomorrow. I'm thinking that the Teva has just come back on the market after being withdrawn. Looking on line it does seem that Mercury and Teva are made by the same supplier.

  • I can't see the Patient Information Leaflet for the reformulated Teva levothyroxine but, even if it were made in the same factory, It is a different formulation - and many, many medicines are actually manufactured under contract.

    What could confuse are two factors:

    Teva have been selling Mercury Pharma levothyroxine over the past few years since their own was withdrawn.

    In the past, the 25 microgram Teva levothyroxine was actually the Mercury Pharma product. (Though their 50 and 100 products were their own formulations.)

    In my view, companies should NOT be allowed to change formulation by dose. It causes much confusion.

  • Apart from the active ingredient, the other ingredients are: maize starch, mannitol (E421) microcrystalline cellulose, sodium citrate, acacia and magnesium steak ate.

  • Whereas Mercury Pharma's product contains:

    sodium citrate, lactose, maize starch, acacia powder, magnesium stearate and purified water.

  • So they are different but both contain the acacia. (I actually typed stearate and didn't notice the spellcheck changed it to steak ate!!!!)

  • Amused me!

  • The mercury 100mcg I picked up a 6 months back states on the box that it contains lactose.Been on new TEVA a month and have been sneezing at intervals for no apparent reason.Just started the Mercury box so will see if stop .

  • For some unknown reason the Teva Patient Information Leaflets for Levo aren't listed in the EMC. I found them here on Teva's UK website :

    Edit : Just realised this is an old thread. :(

  • There is no compulsion on pharmaceutical companies to put their PILs onto the EMC site.

    I'd like to think that it should be an absolute requirement - before a single tablet is allowed out of the warehouse. Perhaps, in time, that will happen. Doesn't seem to be a high priority so doubt any time soon - unless it was added to something already being processed.

  • I assumed it was standard practice to put PILs and SPCs on to the EMC site. I'm disappointed that it isn't. :(

  • It has become widespread. Indeed I find it interesting that Mercury Pharma point directly at the EMC site rather than having them on their own site.

  • @RoniB yes it has indeed come back on the market as a new formulation product \(lactose free) i had to stop taking it aswell. Ive been given Actavis instead which doesnt contain acacia powder.

  • RoniB , I had awful problems with Mercury Pharma brand Levo. It made me feel as if I was going crazy! Wockhardt and Actavis brands were ok.

    I now read the ingredients list of every drug/supplement before I take it.

  • I wish I had read the leaflet BEFORE I took the 125 microgram tablets. I can't believe just one dose could have this effect. As soon as I swallowed them though I could feel them 'sticking' all the way down and now feel headachy and muzzy - generally weird - like a bad hangover! :-(

  • Some of us are extremely sensitive to the fillers in tablets! Some of the tablets do tend to stick, maybe because they're so small. I found it difficult to swallow most of the Levothyroxine tablets, so I bought a pill crusher and swilled them down with lots of water, it seemed to work ok!

  • I had a reaction to acacia too. I was once given a pack of Mercury Pharma when I got my prescription filled in Asda instead of Sainsbury's where I normally collected.

    I came up in a red, very itchy rash over my upper chest and neck and couldn't stop scratching. That was when I checked the ingredients and also found a post on here about acacia. This was probably a couple of years ago or more. Luckily Asda took them back.

    Nowadays I collect at my local chemist who has it in my files that I must be given Activis (as I had always used from the start of my diagnosis).

  • My son and I are still suffering awful glue-like spots on skin after being changed from Goldshield Eltroxin to Mercury Pharma Generic Levothyroxine. I strongly feel that the problem was caused by using an inferior Acacia Powder to the one used by Goldshield. We have both had appointments with Dermatology and Allergy clinics and passed from pillar to post with various doctors. I feel NHS know something went wrong when the change took place and will obviously not admit this. I have also been in contact with Amco and now Concordia, who naturally do not want to know of the problem. It is a living nightmare as anything I put on my skin just seems to come out through my skin in other places and I can taste such things as shampoo in my mouth a few hours after I have washed my hair.

    Needless to say we are on different Levothyroxine now, but without much change in symptoms. Hope a change in medication helps you.

  • I had my asthma brought on by the acacia powder in my recent addition of meds ( see my previous post) after years of being asthma free ... read that acacia causes respiratory issues and changed to wockhart..

  • I am also allergic to acacia powder, was given Teva in new formulation (lactose free) came out in a rash all over my face and neck,arms and legs. Couldnt stop itching like crazy.Went to chemist and they switched brands for me so now taking actavis instead. Unreal how the fillers can affect us!

  • Please consider filling in a Yellow Card:

    Now is the time - when it is new and doesn't have a history of not having many complaints.

    A real pity if those who need lactose-free cannot tolerate the only suitable UK tablet.

  • What symptoms did you have?

  • Roni b I am actually in the process of chatting to a radio 4 journalist who through thyroid uk asked if anyone would be interested in letting them know their experiences with problems changing brands of thyroid medication. I had similar issues to yourself as you can see from my past response. If you are at all interested in talking to her I can give you her details in a PM

    all the best


  • Yes definitely- how do I access (or provide PM) details.

  • Hi roniB I have just messaged you the details if you look on the drop down by your name you will see messages

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