getting mercury thyroxine in Spain?

I just moved out to Spain, does anyone know how to get the Mercury brand of thyroxine out here, I popped into a local pharma & they sell thyronine over the counter without a prescription!!! they only have 2 brands, a Spanish brand & a german brand- MERK,,, only 4 euros for a hundred pills,,however i dont want to change brand as i had years & years of being ill on different brands like actavis & almus until i finally sussed it out..

any help is appreciated

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  • Jonwain, I'm not sure how you'd get hold of Mercury Pharma T4 in Spain with or without prescription. Merk has a good reputation so may be worth trying.

  • Merck is a good quality product. The Germans have excellent quality control. I use the Merck 100 mcg T4.

  • I suspect that you get Merck / Schering-Plough:

    Whereas (if I understand things correctly) German Merck is a different beast:


  • Rod, I get my Merck from Hungary. It says on the label that it is manufactured in Germany.

  • Aha! Sorry - assumed from your location it would be north American product. (Assumptions can be very misleading.)

  • Given the pill consistency, I think the Merck product dissolves much more easily than Synthroid. There doesn't appear to be any difference in absorption or blood levels.

    Synthroid is a devilish product. The pills are biconvex and cannot be cut into equal halves. In accordance, the manufacturer makes them in 12 mcg increments. $$$$$$ That's what it's all about. I don't like all the food colouring in the Synthroid. The 137mcg tablets, which have been discontinued were dark blue.

  • One advantage the UK products have - none has any colouring!

    Well, we have to have one advantage...

    But only in 25, 50 and 100 dosages (one make is 25 only, one 50 and 100, and one does all three). People so often have issues with getting consistent and appropriate dosing - would be good to have a 10 or 12.5 mcg tablet as an option.


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