Heart palpations

Hello im still having heart palpitations and now seems like at times like im not getting enough air in my lungs

Strange tht no good endo of mine told me to go back on my 75mg lavo that I had been on for 10 years the thing of it is is I was on 88 for 6 months was feeling run down and I see it's because of my ft3 was low so I asked her to go back in 75 well I did that for 4 weeks I ran out of my medication and still had the 88 like 4 pills so for 4 days I had taken the 88 I am now having those symptoms she told me to go on to go on 75 again I don't think that was such a good idea it's been 7 days and I'm still experiencing this

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  • Hi...can u pls post your thyroid lab results...including free t4 and free t3 and their respective ranges.

    Also..pls indicate your thyroid diagnosis.

    i.e..hashi, thyroidectomy...etc...


  • Hi, I take 75mg of levo daily but earlier this year upped it to 100. After 3 days I started having palpitations so I panicked and went back to 75. it took around 6 weeks for the palpitations to stop altogether . I believe levo stays in your system for up to 8 weeks, so maybe that's why .

    I've been reasonably ok on the 75mg ever since, maybe your endo is right; 88 is too much for you and if you stay on 75 the palpitations will lessen and then stop. they can be pretty scary I know but hang in there.

  • You should have an ECG just to check that your heart is fine, although I too had constant palpitations on levo and ECGs were o.k.

    They should not adjust your thyroid hormones according to your blood test results it should be how the patient feels which is best. When they do adjust to keep us in a 'range' we might become unwell with symptoms.

    Do you have the results of your last blood tests with the ranges as that might be helpful for members to comment. I suppose your Endo didn't do a Free T4 or Free T3 blood test which he/she should have taken. It is T3 which drives our metabolism and levo has to convert to sufficient.

    Also, if we're not on sufficient thyroid hormones our heart struggles as well as everything else.

  • On 75mg lavo Tsh 1.74 ranges 0.45-5.33

    Ft4 0.76 r 0.61-1.44

    Ft3 3.1 r 2.3-4.2

    On 88mg lavo

    Tsh 0.84 r 0.30-5.00

    Ft4 1.25 r 0.80-1.80

    Ft3 2.6 r

  • Theresa, if your FT3 was low on 88 mcg levo, it's going to be even lower on 75 mcg. That's basic science. T4 converts to T3. The less T4 you have, the less T3 you have.

  • Just talked to the endo

    About T3 she says T3 is not monitored with hypothyroidism

    Wow I'm not a doctor and I know that that's one of the most important hormones in your body she is not a good doctor I am in the process of finding a new one

  • The problem is that Endocrinologists have been instructed (so I believe) that the whole emphasis is on the TSH alone. They appear not to be knowledgeable about the Frees (T4/T3) and adjust levo according to the TSH - not the patients' symptoms.

    If you are in the UK, email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org.uk who has a list of helpful Endos. If you choose one put up another post asking for a private message to be sent to you regarding the Endo.

    Also you could put up a separate post giving your area and asking for a Private Message to be sent to you of a knowledgeable Endo.

  • Yes, I had a doctor that said something like that. He said, 'oh, T3... that's to do with hyperthyroidism, not hypothyroidism'! lol And he was sitting there, in all seriousness, telling me he knew all about the thyroid! Ha! You've got to laugh, it's so pathetic.

  • Yes, like hell they do.

  • The thing is - don't assume that palpitations mean you're over medicated. They are common when you're hypothyroid and undermedicated. I used to get them all the time before I was properly medicated. Also - magnesium can help with palpitations.

  • Quite right. My HR was in the 40s on Levo. Very very hypo. It wasn't until I dropped it altogether and began T3 I started to feel better. It's now in the 80s. my GP always maintained it was a heart problem even when I had had every heart test in the book.

  • Personally I would see your gp about palpatations and lack of breath. It could be totally unrelated to thyroid

  • I have been getting those before i was medicated. i assumed ot was over indulging on caffeine but the higher my levo goes the less i am getting them so it seems mine is down to the hypo..

  • Breathlessness and hypothyroidism can go hand in hand, Maybe due to having a low Free T3.

  • Hi had the same exact symptoms when I was on syntetic T4 only. Then I swapped to Armour (natural thyroid) and my life changed in one day... (I had my thiroyd removed and changed 4 specialist in 4 years... until I found the right one) good luck

  • That's funny, I could have written the exact same post - even down to my Endo count, I'm on #4 in 4 years.

  • Palpitations vary in what they are and how hard or scary they are in my experience.

    Before diagnosis [TSH just shy of 50) I had years of my heart 'fluttering', with a feeling of being slightly alarmed [as your heart jumps when scared]. Skipping a heart beat and then getting a flutter of heartbeats in a rush.

    These were awful, and especially frightening at night.

    After diagnosis, when the GP was trying to get the Levothyroxine dosage sorted, I experienced heavy, heart-banging' that kept me awake at night [I swear I could feel the heart physically moving in my chest) - this was completely different from the heart-stopping fluttering feeling pre-diagnosis.

    I never managed well on T4 and now only use T3. Now no flutters, heart-banging or anything untoward on the cardio side.

  • I am in the process of finding a different endo I asked her about T3 she told me T3 is not maintained it in hypothyroidism that's terrible my thoughts I'm almost ready to just stop my medication completely I mean I have symptoms if I don't take it and symptoms when I do

  • Have your reverse T3 and thyroid antibodies checked and do a saliva adrenal test. And find a doctor who understands free T3 and the above labs. Your current doc is doing you no favors.

  • Air hunger can be a symptom of under-medicating.


  • I know i am under doctor wont raise my dose

  • I know i am under doctor wont raise my dose

  • Hi,

    Air hunger can also be a symptom of low b12. Many of us hypo sufferers have verylow levels of iron, ferritin, b12 and the body can only utilise thyroid hormones if iron levels are at good levels, but the best blood test indicators of iron levels are B12 and ferritin rather than iron itself. B12 levels should be at the top of the range, ferritin needs to be around 70-80.

    You may have had these tested by your doc and if so post them to get help with understanding theresults.

    Best of luck


  • Yes, I know I have several problems with my GP. But what gets posted here regular, that Ferritin should be around 70-80 is just not realistic with oral iron for me. I get it up to 50, and that's it. I know about vitamin C, when to take it, what not to take around the same time, etc but no chance I get it above 50.

  • My ferritin is only 32 i need to talk to my doctor tell her i want it in the 70 to 80 percentile

  • I get vitamin B12 shots once a month and I am taking b12 vitamins also

  • Awful sensation isn't it!

  • I have found the breathlessness down to B12 deficiency. I feel a lot better now that my thyroid is in check, FT4 third quarter of the range and T3 about 56% which is a lot better than it was. I take 1000mcg Methylcobalamine lozenges twice a day. Some days I just take a 5000mcg one and it lasts very well, especially if I am doing something physical or it is going to be a stressful day. Breathlessness disappears altogether. I am waiting on several other results, one of these is for Pernicious Anaemia autoimmune IF.

  • Good luck x

  • Heart palpitations can be caused by a number of things, including electrolyte imbalances, high or low glucose, low t3, low cortisol and a reaction to gluten. Cortisol is required to transport thyroid hormone to our cells and thyroid hormone increases cortisol clearance, so we need to ensure we have happy adrenals to optimise of thyroid hormone dose. Electrolytes, sodium and potassium, need to be in balance and if they are out may cause palpitations too. Have you ever had your cortisol levels checked, via a 24 hour saliva test, and your sodium and potassium levels? The ranges for results and symptoms of imbalances are detailed on the rt3-adrenals.org page. It might be worth having a read and getting some tests done. Obviously the advice given by other members is very good, to see your gp and have some basic tests done there too. Air hunger is quite a common hypothyroid symptom. Good luck and take care :)

  • I've only had a blood test for my cortisol

  • Yes my t3 is low in my thyroid specialist doesn't care

  • A blood test only checks your cortisol at a given point in time and doesn't give a picture of your daily adrenal function. Hopefully at some stage you can get a 24 hour saliva test done to see how your adrenals are going. It is a very important step in recovery and optimum health. :)

  • General practice do not do a lot of these necessary tests.you have to be referred and wait and wait ! Cynical sorry

  • Awwww that an awesome reply. We,my family, are researching all symptoms and are convinced if autoimmunity. Going to make private arrangements if next blood test not show anything. eye test was good result for me. Optician wrote to my gp yesterday, so it's a start? Many thanks.☺

  • I have had "heart banging" episodes a few times lately. Usually in the evening, while just sitting watching the Telly, or when I get in to bed and lie down at night. Went to GP and he wants to do an ECG at the surgery. Also arranged for me to see a Cardiologist - all very worrying, especially as appointment is in 2 months time. :/

    I started supplementing with B12, B-complex vits etc. about a month ago, and wonder if there could be a connection?

  • You know i was thinking the same type of thing cuz I've been taking zinc magnesium vitamin C Biotin and be I know my body's not used to all that maybe it's an overload or maybe not I'm sure it's just my meds I don't know that's why I want them to do another test on my levels

  • Having just spent the last four days in hospital due to atrial fibrillation where the only risk factor I have is my suppressed TSH from t3 only I would say please check that your pulse is not irregular. Eg not beating with a steady beat of equal amounts. I was resistant to seeking medical help hoping it woukd go but after two days did, had ecg at GP and immediately sent to hospital where watching your heart cycle up to 178 bpm but more importantly not have a sinus rhythm was pretty terrifying, very unpleasant and needed to be sorted becuase of the risk of a blood clot causing a stroke. Get your palpitations properly checked.

  • Im making a appt tomorrow with my gp its been 8 days and its terrible

  • I am going right away to the doc either tonight or tomorrow ive had this for more then a weak ive had bouts of breathlessness like i can get air should i have them check my tsh also

  • Your GP should ideally give you an ecg. If they admit you to hospital they will check your tsh anyway. My GP firstly tried an electronic monitor on my finger but was not happy and listened himself and took my pulse manually as my heart was beating so fast the monitor was not picking up all the beats. The most important thing is that the beats are regular, if they are regular they are less seriously concerned.

  • Went to the ER last night they did a TSH test it came back 2.36

  • So very in range, but what did they do about your heart????

  • They didn't do much at all all they did is gave me a EKG for a short time not even 5 minutes And took blood then said follow up with your GP smh these doctors around here dont know a thing

  • Unfortunately, sometimes you have to take your health into your own hands. Yes, it can be expensive and time-consuming, but it's your health & your body. Do some research, pay for tests, consider self-medicating. We get the 'brush off' too often by medics! I'm sad that you feel you're not being listened to. Good luck x

  • Your right endo doesnt seem to care

    Saying my hair falling out isnt my thyroid and other my other conditions Federal symptoms of hypo thyroid

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