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Dizziness confusion

Hi. For some time I get some kind of fuzzy feeling in my head esp when I am sleeping or some time occasionally when I am sitting. It's not vertigo nor I feel unsteady , it's just stranger spaced out fuzzy feeling. And it's making me anxious, I have Hashimotos with antibodies very high off the scale but other numbers are ok. I had neurological check ups one and half month back for some vibrations in hands and feet plus I had an MRI and ct scan of brain less than a year back. All was clear but with these symptoms my usual hypochondria is flaring up. Am extremely thankful if some one can help. Just to add I have sinusitis and a surgery is recommended to me .

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Get a full range of vitimins checked out. Have a read through this site on the effects of being low on Vit D etc - the symptoms can be as you have described, and quite easy to treat.


Ask for your B12, ferritin & folate and VitD to be checked. I used to get weird spaced out sensations before mylow B12 was treated. It could also be due to your sinus problems. Do you use steam inhalation to try and clear that? I also found reducing milk and other dairy foods, whilst increasing fruit and raw vegetable salads helped that.


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