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So just thought I'd give you all an update. I've been taking 25mcg t3 since August. at first I lost a few lbs but that stabilised, so t3 hasn't been a miracle weight loss drug for me... but when combined with weight watchers I've now lost over a stone since late September. previously I only ever lost a few lbs after months of trying when on levo so I'm thrilled. the combination of t3 and diet seems to be working. feel great. only difference other than weight loss is that I've developed eczema on my palms and also in my groin area. just wondered if anyone else has had similar?

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  • Wow, good for you! I lost 3.5st w WW about 15yrs ago and I think it's a great programme so I'm always glad when I hear it has worked for someone. Over time I've gained back about a stone but in the interim I quit smoking and developed hypothyroidism (and am 15yrs older and closer to the menopause) so I still think that's pretty good going.

    Do you have Hashi's? Wondering if the rash is deffo eczema or if it could be either autoimmune (psoriasis) or fungal - ?

  • I haven't been diagnosed with hashi's. I had a partial thyroidectomy 10 yes ago as a result of a largeneral benign goitre. been on levo for 10 yrs and post pregnancy I just couldn't move the 4 stone I'd put on very quickly whilst preganant no matter what I did. doc seems convinced it's eczema. I've had all the tests down there and nothing else haso come. it did start within a couple of weeks of taking t3. maybe coincidence utility maybe not. I can live with it thoughas if it let's ww be effective. so frustrating before when trying weight loss plans and getting nowhere.

  • Hi t3warrior and puncturedbicycle. Eczema (atopic dermatitis) is now considered autoimmune.


    Steroids and dietary changes are conventional treatments, but some people experience relief using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


    Glad you are feeling well and able to lose weight. :) Good luck getting the eczema under control. I know how uncomfortable it can be.

  • Hi T3warrior, well done on the weight loss, thats great news

    I'm not an expert at all but have learned a great deal over the last 18 months, trying to find a better way forward with my own thyroid health and excess weight. One thing I have learned is that T3 is not meant to be a miracle weight loss drug. On websites where you can purchase it (not the body building sites, the pharmacy sites) they do carry a clear warning that it shouldn't be relied upon for weight loss.

    But the idea generally is that if your thyroid levels are 'optimised' rather than being as our GPs describe as just 'normal' (ie within range), then you will have more energy as your metabolic rate will have improved and its quite likely that weight loss will then occur. So its more likely that perhaps the medication has improved your thyroid levels which in turn will help with the weight loss.

    Just wondering if you've had a blood test since being on the combination?

    Hope the weight loss continues well.

  • I think you've hit the nail on the head. t3 should not be treated as a weight loss drug but I've seen a lot of peogle on here mention the weight loss so thought I'd give a reality check. I think you would need significant and potentially dangerous doses to lose weight while maintaining your usual diet while on t3 but as you say getting your levels optimum with t3will aid weight loss as part of a calorie controiled diet (I sound like an advert). I've had my bloods done, discussed it with the hospital and whilst they wouldn't endorse, they agreed to monitor as I'd clearly done my reading and they acknowledged there is a lot of research going on in America and a rising tidea of anecdotal evidence re t3 but not enough to make any real change yet. my bloods are well within range, not what I would call optimal. can't recall the number for t3 but it was in the low 4s. better than the 3.8 when I was on t4 alone. I may slightly increase my t3 when I get my new batch.

  • Ah thats good news if your T3 level has improved. Mine has been around 3.8 at a test in September and also similar at a BH test I had a few months ago. But I've started on NDT 1st October, but its been a little bit of a rocky journey. And conclusion at the moment is that probably my adrenal glands are quite depleted and I will need to get this issue improved before the NDT will work successfully. So staying on a very small dose for now and doing an adrenal stress profile test this weekend to get a more accurate picture. Then I can target adrenals if necessary, hopefully then be able to increase the NDT or if still not good, I have a supply of T3 in the cupboard which I bought a while back, so may try that.

    Hope your weight loss continues, I'm sure that helps with so many aspects particularly our energy levels, self confidence and other things too. I'm sure if I could get shot of the extra 3.5 stone I could probably get off the blood pressure meds I'm on.

  • My skin reacted quite badly to the introduction of T3. It got so bad that I was referred to the hospital dermatology department. I have now gone back to Levothyroxine only, and my skin has improved.

  • Low B12 was a factor in my own eczema. I discovered when I started supplementing high dose methylcobalamin that my eczema got much worse than normal for about 2 - 3 months. But after that it ended up practically vanishing and I've had some extended periods of time when I haven't had eczema at all. This is the first time this has happened to me since I first developed the problem about 45 years ago.

    I did get a recurrence when I was under extreme stress, and also when I ran out of my usual high dose B12 and didn't replace it for a couple of months.

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