I lost over 40 lbs. too

It really is true that all of us with hypo are different. I was taking synthroid for 14 years and couldn't lose weight. Then last October after doing a lot of research, I started taking Armour. By May I had lost 40 lbs.!! I did nothing else to cause the weight loss. But I, too have the same problem with sagging skin, it's awful. I don't want to lose anymore weight, I feel too thin. I've lost a few more lbs. I started at 174 lbs. and now weigh 128 (obviously I'm from the US. This disease is so weird. I'm going to take the advice I read on here. Thank you so much.

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  • When I started adding a little t3 to my levo I lost weight more or less overnight because I had been so bloated. Every part of me was swollen on levo alone. I have my ups and downs but am much better now.

    Where are you in the US if I may ask?

  • I live in Pittsburgh, PA

  • Ok, am more familiar w Philly than Pittsburgh (have only passed through). My mum lives in NJ. :-)

  • did u reduce your levo when u began t3? and do you split the dose or all at once? am tempted...

  • I didn't reduce levo, I switched to Armour. But my sister and daughter switched as well and didn't lose weight. So I am confused.

  • How much armour did you take and well done on your weight loss c

  • Thanks, but I don't deserve any credit. It happened without any effort on my part.

    I started off at 60 mgs of Armour and had worked my way up to 300, felt fine but the weight loss concerned me so I dropped back down slowly to 180. Then the old symptoms came back!! So this week I started taking 240, so now I'm waiting to see how that feels. I'm still losing a little more weight though. I'd like to stop, I'm too thin.

  • We only have one type of Armour in the US. I've never heard of a generic.

  • Hi Lia can I ask which make armour you took.

  • Sorry, I wrote that in wrong box, lol.

    Souljacs4, We only have one type of Armour brand in the US., several other NDTs but no generic.

  • OH my goodness.... Congrats on the weight!! How are your symptoms? Are you taking any other supplements? Is your Doctor helpful? I am Soo discouraged. Spent the last 2 years at the gym and still lost nothing. I drive to Cleveland, Ohio --- pay out of pocket, to see an integrative Doctor(just started to see her in April since no one local seems to want to help) Finally got a diagnosis of Hashimoto's . I am on Levo 112 and cant shake the weight....I no longer go to the gym. Bought a treadmill. :)

  • Marchm2016

    I couldn't lose weight on levo either, I took it for years. It was only when I started to take Armour that I just started dropping weight. I take selenium, Vit D, turmeric and biotin supplements as well.

    I'm glad I lost weight but now I think I've lost too much and don't know how to put some back on. It's a strange predicament I know.

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