Bite or sting....slight bullseye rash...lyme possibility?

Bite or sting....slight bullseye rash...lyme possibility?

Hey guys,

I've been on Holiday in Wales.since.last Friday. On Saturday I was walking in shirts through long grass and that evening noticed I'd been bitten (didn't notice at the time).

Since then the bite has got slightly.worse with a circular rash/bruise.

Concerned about Lyme, seeing as I have CFS and possible thyroid issues anyway, this would be typical as my first countryside walk in 4 years.

Anyone's experience?/does it look Lyme-esque?

Might be absolutely nothing but the countryside we walked through had deer etc in and a lot of long grass. Shoudl have worn jeans!




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  • Looks like horsefly to me. Beastly things though.

  • Hey Aspmama.

    Thanks for the reply. Still can't get how crazy quick these forums are. Awesome!!

    Yea it may well be. I didn't think horseflies gave a circular rash though but I may be wrong. My mother in law did notice and got bitten by horseflies the but she knew about it at the time! Her bite looks slightly.different too.

    Trying to be informed but also not taking any chances whatsoever after CFS for 4 years!

    Thanks again

  • Don't know whether it started out like yours or was like this straight away but if you scroll down the image is pretty dramatic

    I would just keep an eye on it and see how you feel and not hang about if you start to feel ill. Things that bite are SO annoying aren't they!

  • Good advice FruitandNutcase.

    Yes they are!

  • Take some notes and keep them safe :

    1) Date/time when you went for a walk.

    2) Where you went for a walk, and note the terrain, conditions and vegetation.

    3) Clothes you were wearing.

    4) When you first noticed the rash/bite, what it looked like, diameter etc.

    5) Note how the bite feels. Itchy, sore, tingling etc, and note how long it lasts.

    6) Note any other feelings of illness - whether like flu, a cold, breathing problems, sinus...

    7) Keep taking photographs until the bite has gone, and keep the photos on a USB stick with the notes.

    You don't have to keep all this stuff for life - just until you are sure there are no long-term effects. Lyme is such a destroyer of people's lives, that anything you can do to speed up a diagnosis (if you develop any suspicious problems) will be worth the slight hassle.

  • Hey Humanbean,

    Thanks for all the advice. I'm doing the photos but you're right I should note down everything. I will do that!

    And yes it is. It's also notoriously hard to diagnose for various reasons. I am hypervigilante and acknowledge that, but I also don't want to miss anything. I have CFS/possible thyroid issues anyway so if it were Lyme I'm not sure I'd notice it as my symptoms can make me.bedbound anyway...

  • Kinoble, pop into a local pharmacy and ask for advice. If tick bites are prevalent in the area they'll probably recognise it.

  • Hey Clutter. Different matter entirely this time eh?!

    I did do that yesterday but the rash/bruise wasn't circular then. They didn't seem to think it was much unless it got worse.

    I have a Dr appt tomo.

  • I think that is a very wise move. However not all GP's are anywhere near up to speed on Lyme (where have I heard this before? lol!). Maybe he or she might give you prophylactic ab's just in case. I know the news is full of punishing doctors who overprescribe ab's but there are cases where it is warranted. :)

    Have you had a look at the Lyme Disease Action website? It's a mine of useful information.

    Even in the hottest weather I wear long trousers tucked into my socks and squirt plenty of Deet on my skin and clothing if I go for a walk in the forest or in fields.

    Living in the New Forest we have a big drive about the perils of tick bites as local incidents of Lyme Disease have risen.

    As for horsefly bites.....OUCH!......they don't use a stinger, they snip and slash! Horrid things!

  • Hi Spongecat,

    Indeed that is my worry. Even when I called up and the Dr phoned me back he was like 'Lyme bites are very rare' so I'm not sure that's a great start when he hasn't even seen me!!

    And yep I saw the antibiotics thing this morning...typical when I *may* need my first ever lot!!

    It may well just be some random.bite, more than likely. But I'm not risking anything after being chronically ill, its just not worth it. Especially far as I can fell Lyme is very treatable with doxy I. The early stages.

    I'm hoping it was a horsefly, however as much as I'd like to think I'm.impervious to pain and hard as nails, I think I would have felt it at the time.judging by what most people say horsefly bites are like.

  • go to a natural doc or a homeopath

  • I know alady with lyme from a horsefly bite

  • If you google horsefly bite images you will see inflammation round bite - doesn't mean yours is horsefly but it could be. British countryside full of bitey things. Judging by the dogs, if it were a tick you would prob have found the tick hanging on.

  • Hey Aspmama,

    That's good to know. To be honest they all look the me! But I'm sure I would've felt it at the time that's all? Think it's more likely to be that than Lyme but not taking chances. And yes British countryside is full of damn critters.

  • nymphs before full grown ticks fall off

  • Anyone who has had Lyme comment on if this looks typical/anything like what you had :)

  • This looks like a Lyme (borreliosis) erythma migrans rash to me. Don't believe anyone who tells you that tick bites are rare in this country. See Lyme Disease Action website as recommended previously. Horse flies and mosquitoes etc can also transmit Lyme disease. It is imperative that you take antibiotics straight away and don't wait for it to take hold. GP guidelines are inadequate and not up to date.

  • Hi Moorlandmists.

    Thanks for your reply. think that even though it's more of a bruise ring rather than a red.ring?

    Either way I havnt hung about-saw a.Dr today who.prescribed me doxycyline 100mgx2 a day so I am on antibiotics already.

    I didn't want to take the chance and to my relief the Dr as actually excellent and clued up. He had the same.mindset was treat it now just in case.

  • That is great news that the dr had a preventive attitude, well done you. I have had erythma migrans rashes that have come up as bruises in a ring, they all can vary so much. This may not be one, but it could be, so best to be on the safe side. I reckon my 'CFS', thyroid issues all stem from chronic borreliosis, which started about 15 years ago. I didn't realise until a few years down the line. I think that bites from other insects have sometimes brought out a lyme like rash, activating what is in me - I have heard other people say this.

    By the way, I think the current thinking on recommended guidelines may be stronger than 100 mg doxy twice a day, according to weight. You might want to check this out. Good luck.

  • Hey Mists,

    Yea he was great. I'm.hoping the doxy would do the trick if it was anything...its a 2 week dose at 2x100mg a day. Is that the first port of call?/I know its a pretty standard treatment for Lyme early stage. I Hopi g it would be enough to fully smash it before it got further!

    And yes 'CFS' or whatever wastebucket diagnosis we are given


    So did you have Lyme then? I hope you treated it OK if so.

  • Contact EuroLyme Yahoo health forum support group to get more up to date info about initial dosage of doxy - I think the dose could be higher and definitely to take for more that two weeks. They have information files.

    I am still dealing with chronic Lyme disease, which caused my chronic fatigue and auto-immune thyroid problems.

  • Thanks Mists. I will do. I also have local GP appt next Monday with my regular (non holiday GP!) Who was the first to suggest immediate abx treatment to so will tell him about the dosages. He may end up extending or increasing it.

    Should doxy taken immediately or very early on fully resolve it if it is Lyme? Again no certainties here but just vigilance i guess.

    I'm sorry you still have issues. As you know too well the NHS and the general is hugeky backwards with 'CFS' etc. It's hard living a compromised life eh! I get better.

    Thanks again

  • moorland mists lyme disease action site..

  • that's good kill the bastard early...

  • no it is NOT abruise it is bulls eye rash..

  • I totally agree with morelandsmist it is NOT rare and you cant leave it, if you value your life an dhealth.

  • yes that is a lyme rash and should not be left..

  • I had Lyme disease years ago and that is what it looked like. You will feel weakness and flu-like symptoms if it is Lyme.

  • Hi Mary d212

    Thanks for the reply. I guess the only thing that hope it wasn't was the fact that the ring is bruise like and not red like most typical photos.

    Anyhows like I said to Mist above I am.on antibiotics already, doxycycline 100mgx2 a day.

    The only issue I'm.worried about is that as I have CFS/m.e already I may not notice being new per se.

  • kinoble, i would NOT leave that to chance you have the rash you have been near deer, if you leave it you will regret it take the photo to th edoc with printe dof evidence look for some reputable sites and print of eveidence as doctors do not like lyme. but you need to get treatment while its early antiibotics won twork at a later stage.

  • During my research came across this site for private lyme tests they use arminlabs in Germany but you pay them in good old british pounds. Just incase anybody is looking for these tests.

  • deffo lyme rash get it sorted

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