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More Results-Insight, Views, Please

Recent results, managed to get these done through a GP, amazing what a thermometer can achieve!

TSH 1.95(0.27-4.2). FT13.8(12.2-22), FT3 5.83(3.95-6.8)

Cortisol levels are elevated 530(190-690)

July results were TSH 2.03(0.35-4.5), FT4 14.37(12-27), FT3 6.6(3.1-6.8)

April had TSH of 0.996 with FT4 and FT3 identical to Nov results

TSH Dec 15 1.42(0.27-4.2)

GP said everything normal and quite clearly not intersted on any kind of discussion regarding the results. Thoughts please.

Also, Ive experienced significant improvement with the Hypo symptoms over past few weeks. Feeling cold less, improved appetite coupled with weight loss, more all round energy and something that might be called a sex drive making a slight return. Athletic performance also improved.

I did see a Sports medicine specialist 18 months back. An attempt at getting round the GPs. She was mentioning that with serious athletes like myself, the references ranges need to be increased by about 20% as our training over the yrs skews the Thyroid function. GPs not interested in what Britains first professor of Sports Medicine had to say(and she's a very experienced GP). Mild hypo was what she reckoned.

Currently awaiting RT3 results

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Hi Mr Sensible-69. Its hard to believe the uk is treating Thyroid problems in such a dismissive way. The stories on here suggest it is very common.. I also have been met with ignorance and coldness about this disease. Hope you get the correct treatment you deserve x


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