Could this be just from brand/strength mix change?

Hi. I had a blood test on Friday 25/8 and my tsh is up to 3.45 [0.3 - 5.5] on Eltroxin 100mcg tablets for 7 weeks.

Before then my tsh was 0.77 on 100mcg made up of 50actavis + 2*25 Mercury Pharma.

Before my tsh was 0.08 on 100mcg actavis.

In all instances tests were c.7am fasting with c.28 hours after previous Levo tablet (taken at night). Tsh ranges were same for all years.

I wasn't feeling good on the actavis 100mcg when my tsh was lowest. I was actually feeling quite well a couple of weeks into the Eltroxin 100mcg and thought I might be turning a corner although I've got the palpitations back (usually 1-2 a day), a bit of tiredness and my memory is shocking again. My endo had requested my tsh is kept below 1 although my gp never checks this and he marked this test result as 'no action' so I need to go and see him again to remind him and get a dose increase(...why does it all have to be this hard?)

Any ideas? Could it be the Eltroxin is out of potency - it is dated to use by 11 2017??? Or is there an attack triggered fluctuation? I've been feeling rough for about a week with achy liver and digestive issues so could have eaten something (I'm on a clean diet, strictly gluten free & 99% dairy free).

Any advice or experiences welcome 🙂. Thank you!

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Different brands have different bio-equivalence.

Read the last paragraph in particular

Why lots of brand changes ?

What about vitamin levels- vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12

Have you checked antibodies since gluten and dairy free

Hi SlowDragon. Yes my Vit D & ferritin were at optimal level at last test a few months back. I take sublingual b12 + Thorne b complex daily so more likely to have too much than not enough of b vits and folate. My antibodies were only ever tested on gluten free diet - 5 months into the diet (in 2014) they were 200 and down to 165 more recently but before the removal of dairy 6 months ago.

I felt weird when on actavis 100 and then also 50 (when I was short of MP for a few days) - not sure how to explain it but it was a bit as if I was zooming in and out through a lens but in my thinking and being present in situations (not an out of body experience btw, which was one of my hypo symptoms). I know it sounds totally crazy but I cannot explain it in any other way. Hence I concentrated on MP and I've felt pretty well until some symptoms started to creep in very recently. Most interestingly, being on Eltroxin 100 has really lifted my mood and relaxed me - I've not felt like this in years and years. I must admit I'm gobsmacked at how high the tsh is now as I expected it would still be below 1!

I would decide which you think suits you best and stick on it regardless.

I only take MP (plus T3)

Use to only be Eltroxin before discontinued

Are you in UK

I didn't know Eltroxin was available again

Yes, I'm pretty sure that MP/Eltroxin is better for me.

You're not the first person to mention the Eltroxin supply issue & ive had problems sourcing MP recently (there were posts on this by me). Now I wonder if my boots just had some old stock left behind and I'll struggle to continue on Eltroxin... with the tsh impact it is now worrying for me that my levels will be up and down if I'm getting different brands (and I'm staying clear of Teva)...

Yes, Eltroxin is back - yeh!

Oh so it is 'back' as opposed to me getting an old stash? That's excellent news then😀

Yes, I believe so. I emailed the company and they told me to try Boots but then my surgery got it for me. I used to have MP but they couldn't seem to get it for me any more. I thought that MP and Eltroxin were similar?


Thanks Karen. Yes it's my understanding that Eltroxin and MP generic were supposed to be the same. I found it difficult to find MP 50mcg and only my local boots could get it. I contacted Concordia who did not confirm there was a supply issue and mentioned nothing about Eltroxin either. I since swapped to 100mcg pills instead of making up the dose from smaller strengths and got Eltroxin 100 twice from same boots and with the same expiry in 11/2017. I collected yesterday and they only had almus and MP 25mcg left on the shelf so I hope they can source it for me next time as I've been best on these 100mcg so far albeit my tsh has risen dramatically....

Where I live now there is only Boots. Even though it says Mercury Pharma on my prescription they refused to get it. Only want to supply their own brand.

Might ask same question about Eltroxin

I tried 2 other boots, Sainsbury's and also a n independent family pharmacy. Only the family pharmacy tried although I don't think they were using distributors, who carry MP. The local boots has been helpful although I don't think they actually needed to order anything in so far. When I asked yesterday she said they can put it on my record that I want MP only.

I was told by Boots that they could order Eltroxin for me. I didn't check the expiry date on mine unfortunately and have thrown the boxes away. Hope you can get some. Good luck.


Just found the packages for Eltroxin (before the rubbish goes out) and it says expiry is 2019.


That's nice long use by date

Better than MP T3 - just picked up with use by date 04.10.2017

I used to take T3 but can't get it any more. Fortunately, I seem to be okay on just T4.

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