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Borderline thyroid blood test


Hello I have been having aches and pains, fatigue, headaches among other things. I have 3 thyroid blood tests over 2 months the first was classed as 'Borderline' the 2nd was normal and the 3rd which I had yesterday I am going to the doctors too speak about the results tomorrow. I sit normal to go from borderline to normal?

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Without seeing your actual numbers, it's difficult to say.

But, I what I would say is that

a) there's no such thing as normal.

b) doctors don't understand the meaning of the word 'borderline'.

c) TSH varies according to the time of day, so you can only compare them if they were both done at the same time of day and fasting.

d) if you have high antibodies (Hashi's) then TSH is prone to fluctuate.

Remember those things when you're talking to your doctor about your latest results. :)

Thank you for you reply, I do not even know the numbers I will ask tomorrow when I go. I was just told by one doctor it was borderline then next test see another doctor then was normal and that was it no help or advice nothing. I never see the same Gp so quite annoying lol

Also they were both done at different times of the day and one was fasting and the other was not a fasting one I do not think

It is your legal right to have a print-out of all your lab results, under the 1998 Data Protection Act. But doctors will never offer them to you, you have to ask. I would suggest that, in future, you get into the habit of always asking, no matter what the test is for. But, especially for thyroid tests. :)

Oh right never knew that I will ask for a sheet of all recent bloods tomorrow. Thank you

You're welcome. :)

I have been too my Gp he will print me off my blood results next time I am in there but he has said my thyroid is normal but my uric acid levels are raised :s so I ma slightly confused

Well, that's just his opinion, isn't it. And, our opinion is that there's no such thing as 'normal'. So, it's best to get the exact results, anyway. :)

Just rung my gp surgery just too get my TSH level as was curious as doctor did not ive me my blood results print out yesterday and she said was 4.71

What time of the day was that one done? It's high.

But a doctor would think it's 'borderline', because they don't know what a 'normal' (i.e. in someone with no thyroid problems) is. It's around one. So, your result is hypo, no 'borderline' about it. But, you doctor wouldn't know that, I'm afraid.

Oh right so what do I do now? I'm new too all this is just believe the doctor when they tell me it's normal lol it was done at about 9.20 I think the one which was 4.71and the one which as classed as normal was about same time maybe 10am not 100% sure. but just know that one of them was 4.71 x

OK, so you would have had your breakfast?

There's not very much you can do at the moment, because no doctor will diagnose you with a TSH like that. But, don't give up. Ask for another test in, perhaps, three months time, and this time, have a fasting test as early in the morning as you can - certainly before 9. And, that way, you will get the highest possible TSH. :)

I will do thank you

You're welcome. :)

Hi also does anyone know if a fasting blood tests effects a thyroid result as the result which was 'borderline' was a fasting one where the result which was classed as 'normal' was not fasting would this make any difference? Thank you


TSH is highest early in the morning and drops after eating and drinking which is why early morning fasting (water only) tests are recommended for people trying to get a diagnosis.

Okay thank you for that I am just confused as one doctor said first test was borderline then done another one and was normal so I am slightly confused as I am having alot of symptoms but my doctor is saying my thyroid is normal


'Borderline' and 'normal' are opinions not results, and probably vary doctor to doctor. Ask for your results with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after results) and post them in a new question for advice.

Okay thank you I will ask the doctor for a print out when I am there next. thanks again


Your GP receptionist should be able to give you a printout.

Okay thank you I'll pop in and ask

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