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Advice please

good morning. So I have been on T3 (synthetic) about 3 months. I had my dr add generic Cytomel to my brand name Synthroid. Brain fog immediately gone and i have energy to exercise more now. I still cannot lose weight and i still have constipation once in awhile, diet is good and should not have that issue. Plus I experience a crash in the late afternoon to where i am falling asleep wherever i am by 8 pm. I believe my body is fully adjusted to the meds now. I began taking a quarter and then half twice daily because i am super sensitive. Once i started taking the whole 5 mcg in the morning i noticed how good i felt in the morning compared to the half a cytomel or none at all, but now this later day is an issue. I am on the fence. I either try to ask dr for 75 synthroid daily instead of alternating 50/75 every other day or i ask for 2 pills of cytomel a day to take one in the afternoon. What do you all think? And if i did the 2nd pill of cytomel a day do i need to reduce the synthroid? I doubt she will do either one since she said i am optimal last time with my TSH being .99! I really think i am still not on my optimal dose yet though. I am monitoring BP and heart rate.... everything fine. No hyper symptoms like she said i would get by adding 5mcg to my 50 synthroid lol. I kept my 50/75 dose and added the T3 and I still did not go hyper as i thought! Clutter, Greygoose and anyone else who is very knowledgeable. Advice please

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Have you had thyroid tests since adding T3? 5mcg is a tiny dose, equivalent to 15mcg Synthroid. If FT3 was low ask for 10mcg T3 daily and take the 2nd 5mcg an hour or two before you 'crash'. There's no point in reducing Synthroid unless FT4 is top or over range.


i knew i could depend on you Clutter. Actually No. I basically begged the dr for cytomel and i finally was given it but only 5mcg. She wanted me to reduce my synthroid even though both free T3 and T4 were low and barely in range. She said i would go hyper lol. I was tested but she only did TSH and T4. I called before tests and requested T3 free and nurse said dr wasn't going to test me even though i was now on T3 meds! If i wasn't so tired of the dr hopping I would look for a new again. If i get my tests ALL done this time and my Free T3 & Free T4 are not at the top of range I could just add the other 5mcg later in the day without dropping my T4 dose then? Honestly Clutter between my research, friends that suffer thyroid disease and all of you on health unlocked's support i get better advice than fem the drs.



If FT3 was barely in range when 5mcg T3 was prescribed it is very unlikely that such a tiny dose will have done much to raise it. I would simply raise to 10mcg without reducing Synthroid dose assuming you have sufficient T3.

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i went for labs earlier. I did not take my T4 or T3 prior to tests. I am actually contemplating for the first time trying Nature throid. I will post my labs once i get them. I read last night that cytomel ( i take the generic) has gluten in it!!!


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