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This is just my experience, I'm not advocating this for everyone. I'm a type 1 diabetic firstly which is an auto-immune condition as you know and a couple of years ago my endo found a lump on my thyroid sent me for a scan and due to the size sent me for a needle opsie thing. All good. My TSH levels were within range but I did show raised anti-bodies but he said they were "okay" (I live in SW France BTW). I have been complaining about feeling awful, tired even after 9 hours sleep, no appetite but putting on loads of kilos for a quite a while but he just looked at me with a look that said "you must be eating fish, chips and cake all day". So, I took matters in my own hands and ordered some NDT (ThyroidS) - after just a week on 1 1/2 grains I feel at least 10 years younger, I have more focus and energy and feel able to cope with the world. My appetite has returned and I pack more into the day without feeling I need a nap after climbing the stairs. WOW, just WOW!!

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Well done. I am pleased you are feeling so much better and you are obviously ecstatic :) There's a lot to be said at times, for having more than one thyroid hormone replacement, NDT providing quite a few.


Thyroid ranges are very wide so where in range your results are is important. It's very likely that someone with TSH high in range and FT4 low in range will feel well. Keep an eye on your blood sugar level because taking thyroid replacement can raise it.

If my TSH is in range they refuse to test anything else! Am testing my bloods and all okay so far.


If you can order private thyroid tests directly it would be a good idea to order TSH, FT4 and FT3 6-8 weeks after starting 1.5 grains NDT.

Clutter - excuse me interrupting. Just noticed your comment about thyroid replacement raising blood sugar levels. Please could you tell me more. Also do you think that is why people cannot lose weight once on T4 or other meds ?? - insulin resistance etc etc .... causing that mid-riff weight gain ?? Have not heard of this problem before. Need to learn more. Thank you ....


I don't know any more. Just aware that T1 and T2 diabetes patients have reported a rise in blood sugar level when using various forms of thyroid replacement. I've checked my bookmarks and haven't bookmarked anything on it.

It may be why some people can't lose weight on replacement but not all of us experience weight gain or difficulty losing weight.

Interesting - thank you !

Interesting Clutter, it's difficult to judge at the moment as my endo has suggested changing my Lantus (Glargine) so blood sugars are adjusting - obviously, a type 1 can off set high sugars with their dosage. However, my increased energy means longer dog walks so I'm hoping weight will shift πŸ€”πŸ€”

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