Feeling a bit better

As a result of the collective smarts of the lovely people here, I decided to raise my t4 a touch and after about three days on a higher dose I finally had a good day yesterday.

From the moment I got up I was firing on all cylinders (or most of them anyway) and was active all day for the first time in ages. I hadn't had enough sleep really so I was a little tired, but it was a whole different kind of tiredness than hypo zombie tiredness. It didn't threaten to overwhelm me.

I don't know the mechanics of it, but it seems that trying to increase the proportion of t3 to t4, even by a small margin, was making me feel ill - sort of hypo and hyper all at once - so I will return to just a touch of t3.

I'm still on a much lower dose of meds than I was this time last year, so it may be that my thyroid woke up and tried to help which made me go a bit hyper, or it may just be that I will never feel well on more than a tiny touch of t3 and I need to again build up my t4 over time.

I'm going to ask the gp for a tft on Mon, so that should give me a picture of what's going on.

Apologies for forgetting who it was, but someone suggested that maybe after some time on t3 my body was able to process t4 better and maybe I didn't need the t3 (or not as much of it) to feel well now. That specific comment was especially helpful and led me to change things around, so many thanks. xx

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  • ..glad you are feeling better. If you do remember about the post of T3 improving the uptake of T4 - it is of interest to me too....so if it comes back to you I would like to have a read.

    You may have improved your vitamin levels which also could have improved uptake/absorption etc....

    Thanks... :-)

  • Found it! It is Clutter's comment, most of the way down the page (right now it says '8 days ago'). healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

    The vitamin thing is a mystery because I've been on loads of supplements (had an integrative doc who studied - for better or for worse :-) - with Andrew Weil) for ages, maybe two years or more? I got really sick of it - was taking something like 15 nauseating capsules and tablets every morning - so my compliance was not always 100%. Since, I've been looking for ways to take liquid forms of nutrients, but I've found my health has always improved at times when I've been off the vitamins, either maybe because after a period of excellent compliance I lose my patience and stop taking them just when they're working or I suspect it's just one of those things that happens when all the planets align and your meds are right at the same time your vitamins are good.

    Felt ill despite being strictly gf for a year but the addition of t3 made me feel great after I'd abandoned the gf diet. Vitamin d was severely deficient, then only slightly improved after a loading dose, so I got frustrated and stopped taking it and a few months later a test showed a huge improvement. Maybe it's just that it takes more time than I feel I can invest, so I benefit from the delayed reaction from my efforts and get results after I've abandoned the project. :-)

  • Thank you for the posts. It is indeed a mystery about your supplements. I do understand how you feel when you are standing there and about to swallow a handful of pills - maybe try Kineisiology and test for which pills you need at any particular time. Have not tried it by the way - but had a friend who did that daily with her basket of pills - but only needed a few :-)

  • In the end I would set a timer for every ten minutes and would take two or three pills every time the alarm went off. It took AGES but eliminated the nausea and peculiar sickly drowsiness I used to get after swallowing them all at once.

    Hmm, kinesiology. I'm afraid it is not for me. :-)

  • :-)

  • That's marvellous, Punctured. Let's hope it continues working for you. Let it bed in and then maybe you can try taking T4+T3 in one dose again.

  • Am taking most at 6am - 75mcg t4 and 31.25 t3 - and another 6.25 t3 in the afternoon. So far is working really well.

    I realised I have a 'tell' when I begin to feel better, which I first experienced when I started t3, which is increased strength in my core. It's as if one day my torso is made of porridge and the next I feel a nice firm centre like a licorice whip, stand up taller, move with more strength and precision, etc. It's great! xx

  • That's great, Punctured. I'm forward planning now which is a huge improvement, but still feel weak and weedy and tire easily. One hour of activity requires an hour of rest otherwise I get totally wiped out. Baby steps!

  • glad that you have had the same experience of help from the good people on this [ OUR] site that I have gained .....but for this site my lady would have been in a really dark place for the past 2 yrs and with it she & we are so far out of the tunnel we are in the sunshine .....alan xx

  • How lovely. Enjoy the sunshine Alan. :-) xx

  • I think I would have been in that dark place without the support and information on this site too, Alan x

  • all the more reason to get behind ALL those that keep it going ......keep reminding everyone about the 'ali-can challenge guesstimate ' ....... so glad that me & mine are not the only ones that are benefiting from this [ OUR ] site ......enjoy the extra vit d from the sun and have a super weekend .....alan xxxx

  • Glad you're feeling better. Will you have a test straight away, or wait for a while first?

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