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Hello, I've literally stumbled across this group after searching my symptoms in a desperate attempt to get to the bottom of why, at the age of 47, I feel like an old woman. My symptoms are getting progressively worse and I feel as they are so numerous my GP doesn't know where to start. I've been taking omeprazole for years for chronic acid reflux and an endoscopy a year ago ruled out a hiatus hernia. I'm bloated, putting weight on, have chronic oedema of lower extremeties which is debilitating in hot weather. I now notice my hands swell too. My other symptoms are: tiredness, aches and pains, joint stiffness esp hips and knees, bilateral tennis elbow, shoulder, neck and arm pain, awful night sweats, muscle tension, headaches, tiredness, insomnia, brain fog. My muscle aches are now interfering with me being able to do simple things like do the zip up on my boots or get the water filter from the fridge shelf. I get up in the morning and literally feel like I've been hit by a bus and hobble to the bathroom. It was a bit of an epiphany last night when I read that my symptoms collectively could be a sign of low thyroid. I just feel like a hyperchondriac keep going to my GP with a list of random, seemingly unrelated, symptoms. I'd really welcome any advice about where to start, experiences of other pre-diagnosis symptoms and anything else you feel would help!! I'm spending the day in bed feeling lousy, aching and with neck and shoulder pain from what feels like a trapped nerve. Thank you in anticipation 😊

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Emmamoz Hi and welcome to the forum. Sorry you are feeling so unwell.

Has your GP ever done a thyroid function test? If not, I think the first thing you should do is ask him to do one to include:



FT3 (probably won't be done)

Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies

TG antibodies (probably won't be done)

Also ask for the following vitamins and minerals to be tested:


Vit D


Full Iron Panel - if not then Ferritin

That should give you a good picture of what is going on and I would bet you have some vitamin and mineral deficiencies plus you are either hypothyroid or your thyroid is struggling.

Book the test for as early as possible in the morning, first appointment, and fast overnight (you can have water). This will give the highest possible TSH which is what you are looking for when seeking a diagnosis (or dose increase for patients already on thyroid meds). If you taking any supplements then take them after the blood draw.

Once you have the results, come back and post them, along with the reference ranges (could be in brackets or alongside the result - looks something like TSH: 4.5 [0.2-4.2] ) then members can comment and make suggestions.

By the way, hypo patients generally have low stomach acid which gets misdiagnosed as high stomach acid and Omeprazole or similar is prescribed. It's a horrible medication which we should avoid, and it's advisable to wean yourself off it but as you've been taking it for years that won't be easy. By lowering your stomach acid even further (which is what the Omeprazole will have done), this means that you won't be able to absorb nutrients and I expect this has contributed to your problems and may very well show in deficiencies in your vits and mins.


Thank you so much for your reply seaside Susie. It's such a relief to not feel so alone and to have knowledgeable guidance from people like yourself. I've reduced my omeprazole down from 40mg to less than 10mg as every two weeks I take another granule out of the capsule to reduce rebound reflux. I'm also on the magnesium protocol but was beginning to become disillusioned by increasing symptoms. I'll go to se my GP armed with the knowledge to request the right tests. Thank you again for taking the time to reply, I really appreciate it 😊


PS Sorry, forgot to say, if your GP is reluctant to do all those tests, shout and we can give you a link to where you can get them done with an at home fingerprick blood test for a reasonable price.

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Your story is so familiar for many of us - and many here will have empathy and understanding. Now for the ACTION :-) What tests have you had and do you have copies of the results with ranges - the numbers in brackets ??

Are you able to have your tests done privately through Thyroid UK - if your Doc has not done the following ....

TSH - FT4 - FT3 - Anti-TPO - Anti-Tg ( the last two are thyroid anti-bodies ) - also FERRITIN - FOLATE - B12 - VITD.

Only with these results and ranges can we offer advice and support.

I am not a Medic - just a fellow sufferer. Click onto my name above and have a read of my journey to wellness - a bumpy ride but one worth taking :-)

Keep asking questions and stick with this forum - you will be well in no time .......

The above link will take you to the main website of Thyroid UK and the link to Private Testing with a kit sent to the home. It saves so much hassle getting the right things tested quickly and is used by lots of people on this forum.

Take a look around the website for all the information you will need about thyroid and the work that is done behind the scenes.


Marz, thank you for your wonderful and informative reply. I've not had any tests done recently as I was almost avoiding going back to my GP for fear of being a nuisance. I did have some thyroid tests a while back so it would be useful to compare those with tests I request now. I certainly will read back through your experiences and I'm glad to hear that you're on the road to recovery and that you can get well. Thank you again for replying. Sending you well wishes 😊

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When you click onto someone's name you will be able to read a precis of their health story. You do not have to read through posts and replies - that is something different. Completing a Profile saves time as you do not have to repeat yourself 😮😮 Could be useful ...

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You could print out this checklist, ticking the symptoms that apply, and take it to your GP to support your need for testing:

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How are things going ? :-)


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