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Symptoms v blood tests

Can anyone advise me whether to push for further tests or treatment for thyroid trouble?

I've had numerous blood tests over the years but I've never been given any details, only informed that I'm normal. Well I don't feel it. I'm now in my mid 40's and I've had the following symptoms since my early teens (that's as far back as I can remember anyway):

- Excessive sleeping

- Constant tiredness

- Very lethargic to the point of struggling to function in the morning

- Excess weight despite a normal appetite and diet

- Depression on and off all my life and have been on anti depressants for about 5 years now

- Dry itchy skin

- Very cold hands and feet

- Bad muscle cramps, worse at night and when it's colder

- Regularly anaemic

- Joint aches

For information, but I don't think it's related, I suffer with reflux, and the acid reflux has caused chronic and severe asthma due to me having antitrypsin b alpha 1 deficiency (forgive the spelling). But both of these illnesses only started about 5 years ago after I'd been on long term (12 months) anti inflamatory medication for the joint pain but with no omeprasole protection for my stomach, which I now have to take daily with a hut load of other medication for my stomach and asthma.

Any advice would be extremely welcome.

Thanks all!

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Sorry, forgot to mention, I've also suffered with heavy periods over the years, which is what the aneamia was put down to, but I've had hormone treatment to stop my periods since 2002, and my memory is shocking, I constantly have to make lists, and set alarms to remind me to do things, I'm only 46 so I really don't think my age can come into this, and lastly, whether it's relevant or not I don't know, but I am very large busted, 38GG to be precise, and is what the back pain is attributed to.

I'll stop now cos I could go on for ever, but again, any advice would be great!


Hi, all your symptoms are the same as mine and i have been hypo for 20plus years. Although I have never returned to original level of health. I am hoping to improve that with the advice and help on this web site. I also had very heavy periods, had hysterectomy! cramps nothing seems to help me except keeping my feet and legs warm. I was also given NSAIDs for joint pain, which also gave me stomach pain / acid reflux etc. Had reaction to omaprezole so nothing now except paracetamol and antidepressants. Keep positive, get lots of support from here, and go back to gp armed with information. good luck.



Hi jfdi this is something my late husband wrote which MAY or MAY NOT be helpful for you - just a thought as I read your words and felt like I was reading my own in oh so many ways!Your list of symptoms is oh so familiar to me. I moisturise the dry skin daily (cost a fortune). A solution (for me) for the cramps one banana a day at breakfast! All the best hope you soon get improvement of some kind!

Some years ago my wife was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and was prescribed Levothyroxine with the usual initial blood tests. Initially she took well to the treatment and started to improve but soon she was deteriorating. We were frantically trying to find out what caused the setback and first of all queried whether the medicine might be counterfeit but we had a response showing that this was not the situation.

With a wife who was clearly dying I looked at all possibilities using the internet to gather as much information as possible. Having noted that there appeared to be some differences in the effectiveness of the various generics (against all official claims) I listed all of the brands my wife had taken. I then asked her which one she felt better with and she pointed to the Goldshield Eltroxin. More in hope than in expectation I made sure that I obtained Eltroxin against the next Levothyroxin prescription.

The results were beyond my wildest dreams. In a fortnight my wife improved considerably and she has not looked back. We now have prescriptions from our GP which specify Goldshield Eltroxin making it a lot easier for us.

A similar effect was noticed with a neighbour who was in a very bad state. Having been advised by us, her husband obtained Eltroxin for her and she improved almost instantly.

I hope that this information will help some people who are failing to respond to Levothyroxine treatment.


Hi jfdi you're not alone I'm always told my blood tests are normal and many of your symptoms - cold hands feet, fatigue, depression, a lot of lower back pain to the point I now have what looks like a large red mottled back from using a hot water bottle. I also have to make lists to remember things and like you mornings are a battle. Have you seen an Endo? it's something I'm going to ask my doctor about, and having read the blog from penninethyroidgroup am also going to ask her to make sure my thyroxine is Goldshied Eltroxin. I've been so glad I found this site I look at the blogs and make notes of all the good advice that's on here, it's a relief to know so many others are in the same boat determined to strive to get back their health. Keep strong no other choice. Good luck.


Thanks all of you, I will raise this with my current GP, definitely armed with info as back up.

I'll try the banana tip for the cramps as they are dangerous as well as painful, I get them when I'm riding my motorbike and have to pull over in some awkward places.

This may be of help to you Mary52, as well as omeprazole I have ranitidine to keep the stomach acid under control, I think the ranitidine works better tbh, may be worth a go.

Are you still undiagnosed JanW? I haven't seen an endo? and without this site it's not something I would have been able to push for, so thanks for being here.


jfdi, always ask for a copy of your blood test results, don't just take their word for it that they are 'fine' or 'normal'. It is your legal right to have them, so don't take no for an answer. Then, if you give the results here, someone will be able to help you.

Hugs, Grey


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