symptoms of subclinical hypothyroidism??

I posted here 2-3 weeks ago after my thyroid function results showed that my TSH was 7.23 and my T4 levels were 13.9.

Is it possible my TSH may have increased or my T4 decreased in this time?

I feel I have most of the symptoms of hypothyroidism including headaches, sore throat, dizziness, feeling depressed, having mood changes, IBS, muscle aches, constant tiredness and weight gain as well as not being able to focus well.

Shall I mention this at my next doctors appointment or is it too early since my last thyroid test? I feel my symptoms are getting worse and I am highly stressed.

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In my non-medical opinion you are not sub-clinical - but HYPO :-(

You could ask for a trial of Levo to see if some of your symptoms improve....

The above link will take you to previous posts that discuss sub-clinical hypothyroidism. Maybe there are some research references to help you or some little gems of information :-)

Thank you, the link was very helpful. I have a doctor's appointment on the 10th July so I will mention it to her then. hope it goes well for you :-)

Thank you

Tsh of 7.23 and free t4 of 14 is clearly hypothyroid

your pituarity is frantically pushing out TSH to kick a failing thyroid

you need treatment NOW

Yo also need tests for




vit d3

as they all get trashed in the process of hypothyroid

they all need to be HALFWAY in their ranges otherwise your body is unable to convert the T4 into the T3 upon which all body cells rely to function

go back to your gp or find another one because you are clearly hypothyroid and need treating sooner rather than later

I have my doctors appointment on the 10th July so I will tell her then and will make sure I get the treatment that I need.


All your symptoms could be attributed to hypothyroidism so if you are feeling so ill with a TSH of 7.23. then you are clearly in need of thyroid hormone replacement medication.

Go back to your doctor or see another emphasising how ill you are feel and ask for a trial of Levothyroxine.

Doctors guidelines encourage them to prescibe medication for patients with a TSH of >10, or >5 with symptoms. You clearly fall into this later bracket.

Also ask to be tested for thyroid antibodies TPOAb and TGAb to ascertain Hashimotos Thyroiditis which is prevalent in many people with thyroid issues.

Naturegirl22, sometimes we have to be loud and persistent to be heard which can be difficult at a time when we want nurture and guidence.

This forum is extremely supportive and many members very knowlegable probably knowing more than most GPs.

The following link gives you info on getting a diagnosis.

Good luck with your doctor.


Thank you. I will make sure that my doctor tests for this.

Hi with a TSH of 7.23 and with the symptoms you are portraying then I think it is safe to say you are hypothyroid. My doctor in Belgium will not let anyone go over 2 on the TSH but he also goes by symptoms as well. I have some studies that he did in Switzerland if you would like them, please mail at Don't let this go on as it's not good for your body. If your doctor won't treat you then please find one that will.

Thank you

The following is an interpretation of results:-

and you can show this to your GP. Also give him a list of your symptoms.

Many doctors would prescribe with a TSH of 7+ and some if you are outwith the range (around 5) with symptoms but some won't until the TSH is 10. In some other countries if your TSH is 3+ you will be given medication.

Make another appointment with your doctor and say your symptoms are much more severe and you'd like a trial of levothyroxine. He may not agree but if he suggests another blood test (usually done around 6 weeks), make it at the earliest possible and fast also. TSH is highest early a.m. and can make the difference between diagnosis or not. Ask him for a Free T3 test as well as the usual TSH and T4. (or you can get a private Free T3 test) some labs wont do T3 if TSH is 'in range'.

Thank you, the interpretation of the results was very helpful and I will print out and take the list of symptoms with me. My next appointment is on the 10th July.

I will mention the T3 and the antibodies test as well.

Put the emphasis on your symptoms. Looking at some of your posts you are suffering with stomach etc. Considering that thyroid hormones affect our whole body and are necessary for life, maybe it will help to resolve some of your other ill-health problems, or improve them anyway as long as your GP is willing to trial you with levothyroxine.

Best wishes


ps some GPs don't like us using the internet but you can say that is the NHS choices for information about the thyroid gland dysfunctions.

Yes, I will make sure I do with my symptoms and I will tell them that.

Thank you.

My doctor said before that my TSH was only slightly high and that my T4 was normal so I shouldn't worry but I will mention symptoms to them when I next go there. That was my first thyroid function test so they said I should come back in 4-6 months for a repeat test.

Yes, I will also ask for my antibodies to be tested and tests for ferritin, folate, B12 and vit d3 to be tested.

Thank you all.

I don't know what he means by 'slightly high'. You are over the normal range. Do not wait 4 to 6 months. Everything in our body is affected with too low thyroid hormones, i.e. brain, heart may not pump efficiently and everything else in our body cannot run with hormones that are too low. It is a disease which is lifelong and we cannot stop taking thyroid hormones that's why we get all prescriptions free for any other ailments we may get/have.

My next appointment is on the 10th July so I will mention it to my doctor then and all my symptoms. They said my TSH was slightly high as the normal range shown next to my result of 7.23 was 0.5-5.0

I don't know where they get their ranges from but I believe people without a problem with their thyroid gland are towards the very lowest in the range. Most of us on thyroid hormonesfeel best around 1. But you are now 'high' not slightly high as you are above the range by 2 points.

It will be interesting to know what happens at your next appointment.

Please don't wait Naturegirl I was like you fighting for years for someone to listen. I got to tsh of 8.5 and couldn't cope. They eventually gave me 25mg of levo, worse than useless. I saw a private endo as doc said nhs would take 8 months. He upped my levo to 50 and is writing to my doc to tell her how to treat me and ask for a cortisol test. Be persistent. Good luck.

Thank you. I will make sure that the doctor gives me a print out of a repeat test so I can make an appointment for my blood test.

I cannot afford to see anyone privately.

Keep in mind that most doctors, including yours does not understand thyroid or proper treatment. You need to research. You need to know if you have Hashimotos causing low are indeed hypothyroid!


yes, I have done some research already and got helpful advice from others on here. I will ask them to carry out the appropriate antibodies test next time as well as the usual TSH and FT4.

Remember to see a different GP this time. If they refuse the antibody tests, you don't have to see an expensive dr, you can order your own private blood test for antibodies - it will cost around £100, but many people spend more than that on their phone or Ipad without thinking, and this is vital stuff which could help give you your life back.

And I have no connection to the testers!!!

Yes, you are right. Thank you. I will ask my doctor first and see what they say otherwise I will have a private blood test done.

The TSH ranges allopathic doctors use are a joke. The AACE says 0.3-3.0. Most functional medicine types say 1-2. You are clearly hypothyroid; find another doc if your current doc waffles.

NICE, who create documents called "Clinical Knowledge Summaries", have started tightening the screws on people with underactive thyroid problems (anyone who thought it couldn't get any worse was wrong). The symptoms of hypothyroidism that NICE accepts as "valid" are listed here :

Click on the various tabs on the left hand side of the screen for more info.

This list of symptoms that doctors accept as "valid" actually leaves out the vast majority of symptoms that people actually suffer from. I assume this is the reason why one of the members on here was told by her GP "Fatigue isn't a symptom of hypothyroidism".

The Weetman fool is referenced in your NICE link. NICE are referencing whatever suits their purpose, and they were probably given those references by big pharma reps and medics - people who big pharma pays to promote big pharma's interests.

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