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Hashimoto and bladder infection and antibiotic drug

Hi there

I just want to thank you all of you to give such useful infomations. I have hashimoto and wonder if it gives me problems in other areas or not? I had a problem when pee so thinking if it is because my hashimoto that cause inflammation of the bladder or not? Sincerley speaking I have became so paranoid with all the sickness as I dont know if it has its roots from hashimoto. Life goes on.

By the way has anyone heard of SELEXID I just have a prescription for this antibiotics for bladder infection.

Last week my bladder is hurting when I go to pee with some blood I though of bladder infection and try to drink lots of water to get rid of it with cranberry but it seems to not go away so went to hospital and got this drug prescription as doctor is worrying that I ll have more serious kidney infection if not treat the bladder infection right away now. Well I have no fever but some pain. Anyway since it s been more than 10 years that I last took antibiotic and had bladder infection, I feel bad to take the antibiotic but I have to.

Please let me know if you know anything about this drug or any advice.

Thanks so much again

Warm regards

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Urinary Tract Infections and interstitial cystitis seem to be common problems in hypothyroid patients. I'm not sure that there is a connection with Hashimoto's but could be wrong.

I'm not familiar with Selexid but Google says:

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Thank you for your answer i'm feeling a little bit better no blood at the end of peeing. But the antibiotic is a long journey still 3 more days.

Warm regards

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Thank you for your answer . Yes i 'll post my test result which should b back this week. I have not taken a high dose cos my heart beat funny. My head feel clearer with less levothyrox I just dont know what to do. Please give me some advice later.

Really appreciate this community. You have enlighten me so much.

Warmest regards

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