Triple Antibiotic Treatment for Blasto Parasite infection?


My Genova CDSA has come back with Blastocystis Hominis - you have probably heard of this lovely Fungal, Protozoan parasite infection that enjoys making guts leaky!

It could actually provide some answers for me; especially after reading Dr Izabella Wentz's articles on Hashimoto's, Blasto & Epstein Barr (which I've also had)...a lot ringing very true for me in her writing.

I'm asking for some advice as I know that the best protocol seems to be a triple Antibiotic Approach, as recommended by top clinics in Australia..which Allergy UK also seems to support. However, I've also read that UK GP's tend to only want to treat it with one antibiotic: Flagyl, and that this is not really at all effective.

My GP insisted that I repeat my stool tests with the NHS and I should speak to her soon re treatment (if the Blasto has indeed shown up in their tests!). I just want to be prepared that if I have to go it alone re the more effective triple antibiotic treatment for Blasto, where I could source this from in the UK?

Thank you

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  • Marengo,

    You will need a prescription to access antibiotics in the UK so may have to see someone privately if your NHS GP won't prescribe.

  • Thank you...I'll have a think re private doctors then. Thyroid UK has a list of private doctors yes? Shall I email the office to request it?

  • Marengo,

    The TUK list is for thyroid doctors and specialists.

  • Ok; thank you...but at least those doctors are likely to be more open minded re treatment protocols & there is a link between blasto & hashis. My worry with the triple antibiotics that I'm after is that they may not all be available in the UK...I'll keep you posted as to how I get on...

  • Do you have symptoms of infection Marengo? And are you very sure that you *know* the triple therapy treatment is the most effective approach? Aggressive antibiotic treatment might be the last thing your thyroid or body no guarantee at all that any thyroid specialist will be more 'open-minded' in this regard. The paper Wentz refers to regarding the link between Hashimotos and this parasite shouldn't, in my humble opinion, be taken as evidence at all ( the authors don't claim this either and they should know!) There is more *conclusive* evidence available regarding alternative treatment - Saccharomyces boulardii and garlic - which may be a kinder experience for your body. Btw Wentz suggests oil of oregano ( ingested). From personal experience I would caution against this.

  • Hello, thank you very much for your reply. My main symptoms - relevant to this - include chronic fatigue & IBS. It's not that I so much want to go down the antibiotics route (as I much prefer natural solutions) but I'm just desperate to get rid of the blasto & from my reading, Wentz, Chris Kresser and various other sources (citing the CDD in Australia) seem to suggest that this nasty sadly requires it. But I'm definitely open to other ideas (can you recommend any sources of info to guide me?)...I recently bought Kathryn Marsden's great Good Gut Healing book, but sadly she doesn't cover blasto in there, but does cover a lot of natural treatments for parasites. Either way I'll need to have another stool test down the line to see if I have managed to clear myself of it. As I sadly expected the blasto didn't show up in my NHS tests so I'll need to pay privately for this again...I imagine it probably died in the testtubes (which had no solutions in) before it even got to the lab!

  • Sorry Marengo - didn't see your reply. I sympathise and understand the motivation to try anything, even if it may not work or worse may do more harm than good. :-( You had a stool test initially that suggested you were infected with blasto? Then another stool test which suggested not? Is that right? Or were these blood tests? I know next to nothing but understood the triple fecal test is the way to go and may well have to be repeated if it first tests negative. If you can get a doctor to refer you to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine they will do the above test. And I think Genova Diagnostics though also as a doctor referral if I understand correctly. This site you are probably aware of but very, very informative. Seems like getting diagnosed is just the beginning.

  • And yes - thank you - the BadBugs site is great :-)

  • Hello Catrich,

    Sorry for very slow reply - I was tested through Genova - triple stool test. To cut a long story short I've paid privately for some antibiotics - just waiting for them to arrive as coming from abroad. I am however also kitted out with Wormwood, Cloves and Black it may actually be that I try the natural approach first. I also like your idea of Saccharomyces boulardii and I'm quite happy to eat raw garlic if it comes to it.

    The NHS has been useless as they re-did the stool test (in their one container, with no fixative solution) and alas - as I feared - the blasto failed to show up in their had probably evaporated the time it got to the hospital! The Dr just won't take it seriously, hence my going it alone.

    The antibiotics may have to wait (have a year's use by date) as I start a new job in January so need to be in as best form as I can & can't risk lots of horrible side effects and running to the loo every two secs..I'll keep you posted as to how I get on in 2017.

    Have a lovely Christmas.

  • Buying antibiotics without a prescription is not something I think wise, either for you or for the horrifying reality that is multiple drug resistance. In fact allow me to finish my final internet communication of 2016 by saying I am shocked. Think very carefully before you give your body antibiotics that may be of no use against something you may not have.

    And a Merry Christmas to you too and good luck in the new job.

  • Hello Catrich,

    I had a prescription written from a UK private doctor. All was above board - it was only that the tablets had to come from abroad as not available in the UK.

    My going it alone purely meant without the NHS...that was all. I hear your concerns...hence why I'm on the natural remedies currently.

    All Best for 2017.

  • And just to add...the private doctor clinic & compounding chemist that I used are recommended on the BadBugs site...I did a lot of research on this. M

  • Hi Marengo - would really appreciate any updates on how your health is going after the treatment. Thank you!

  • This is super interesting as I've just got my Genova analysis back and I have it too. Thanks for posting! If you could update us, that would be super too. I'm only just starting the research (and thanks everyone for the links above).

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