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Thyroid pressure points!!!

Hi all I read a post where somebody put about pressure points I was going to an osteomylogist who had done some acupuncture on me before so I asked her to do some for my Thyroid she did pressure points hey presto my burning throat has almost disappeared I have been GF for over 2weeks so not sure it's all down to pressure points she did say my Thyroid was unalined but I feel so much better the best £43.00 I've spent for a long time!! Best wishes x

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I'd never heard of osteomyology, so looked it up. It sounds as if it combines various kinds of treatment. Great that it has helped you.

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Hi Christabel Thanks yes I find osteomyolost better than chiropractors as you say they do at least 2 different types of therapy's

Best wishes


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