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high blood pressure and underactive thyroid

hi long story I have been through the mill over these past few months long story I was in hospital for 12 days after it was found out I had super high blood pressure 200/300 was in hdu for 7 day then went onto a ward for 5 also found out I had underactive thyroid.

im 33 years old had every test under the sun 2 mrI test ct scan 24 hour pee tests heart test bloods you name it I've had it found out I've had bleeding on my brain my eyes I have papilledema n my heart has swollen lvh my blood pressure had been high for a long time I'm now on 400mg labetalol 6mg dioxazine and 10mg amlodipine at the beginning I was like a zombie taking all these meds.

been tested for adrenal tumors any blockages of my arterys all come back clear

I've been having my thyroid checked started on low dose of thyroid tablet 50mg been upped to 75mg I've just been sent a endocrine appointment not sure why guess they want to check my thyroid in more detail they have said my thyroid has not caused my high blood pressure I think it might have something to do with it just thought I would share my experience hope to have more answers soon steph

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Gosh you have had a difficult time. I think your instinct that your thyroid is at fault could be on the right track.

Do you have Hashimotos ? It would be a good idea to obtain copies of the thyroid blood tests with their ranges - when you are feeling stronger that is. So you can see what was tested and what could be missing :-) When you hve them post them in a new post and people will be there to help you.

Hyper and Hypo can cause raised blood pressure. Lots of people will be along to help you. Hope you soon feel better.

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Welcome to the forum, Smtate1120782.

It is very likely that your health conditions have caused your very high blood pressure but hypothyroidism also causes high blood pressure

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Hi smtate, welcome to the forum. :)

How did you feel before you went into hospital? I'm guessing you must have felt dreadful. Has the treatment you've received successfully reduced your blood pressure? Do you feel any better now?

I wonder how they know that your thyroid has not been a contributory factor to your high blood pressure? The following link explains how the thyroid and high blood pressure are linked, although I must admit I've never heard of a blood pressure as high as yours before.


thanks for the support funny enough when I was in hospital I felt fine the only thing I had was blurry vision. ....tho the side effects of my tablets made me ill my blood pressure is alot better the highest readings I get now is 165 /115 waiting to get the 24 hr blood pressure monitor done on the 1 st aug am not sure if I have hashimotos .

my thyroid in hospital was 7.4 . thyroid problems run in my family l feel fine now back to work just trying to get on with everything n keep popping the pills ha


It is impossible for me to say whether or not your BP problems have any connection to your thyroid. But it goes without saying that if you have a problem with your thyroid, and thyroid problems are known to affect BP, then you must get your thyroid hormone levels working as well as you can possibly manage.

For the majority of people the standard treatment for hypothyroidism (levothyroxine) works fine. But there are about 15% of sufferers who never get well on levo. If you turn out to be one of the majority (fingers crossed!) then that is great. But if you turn out to be one of the 15% don't give up. The hypothyroid people on this forum are mainly from the group that don't do well on the standard treatment, but even we can improve our health. (People who do well on the standard treatment don't need forums like this one.)

One issue you may come across, and you need to be aware of... When people are in the early stages of having an underactive thyroid they usually have lower than average blood pressure. But as the disease progresses the blood pressure will rise. Most doctors seem to latch on to the first effect (hypothyroidism leads to low BP) but are completely oblivious to the eventual outcome.

Another thing that may or may not affect you... Low pulse rate is common in hypothyroidism. But there are people (e.g. me) who have very high heart rates when untreated or under-treated. In my case it seems to be low T3 and low iron that are the main culprits. My heart rate is fine now. You haven't mentioned a problem with heart rate, but BP problems and heart rate problems often seem to go together.

Another factor that affects people with thyroid problems is low nutrients, particularly iron/ferritin, vitamin B12, vitamin D, folate. Doctors tell patients that their levels of these are fine if they appear anywhere in the reference range, even if they are bumping along the bottom of the reference range. But that isn't enough for us. We need levels to be optimal. Doctors don't even know what optimal is.

If you can get the things I mentioned tested, and get the results and the reference ranges, then post them on here in a new post we can tell you what needs to be supplemented, what with and how much. You'll be amazed how much better you feel if you've had low nutrients and then you get the levels up to optimal.

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thanks will keep you informed far as am aware my heart rate is normal when in hospital my potassium was low.

will try and get all the things you mentioned tested the hardest thing about it is the tiredness my job is quite a active job have to rest regularly just get by got a gd team .


sorry bp 300/200 wrong way round ha!


Still scary though!

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