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Thyroid and IVF


I am hoping that someone out there can give me some advice. I'm doing a frozen cycle. I found myself in hospital about a week and a half ago; my TSH was tested and found to be 4.8. This was a shock to me as it had been 2.3 only two weeks before. The only thing that had changed was my starting IVF treatment. I'd started estrogen medication and been taking it a week or so at this point. I've since read that this can affect the uptake of Levo. I contacted my Endo and she advised that I up my Levo by 12.5 mcg.

So I had my transfer on Monday. And I am more relaxed and relatively more positive than I was with my first IVF cycle. But I am concerned about my TSH and how this might impact a growing embryo. This morning I upped my Levo by another 12.5. Now I am taking 100 mcg - I'd originally been on 75 mcg for ages.

I tend to think my Endo is a bit rubbish, and this process is highlighting this to me. Could anyone please give me some advice? Have you been through this and noticed your thyroid levels were affected by the IVF meds? How have you managed?

Thank you for your help and advice. And thank you for listening!

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Sorry Lfhbm, I have no knowledge of this, but hope someone will be along soon to dispense their wisdom, and wish you the very best of luck for a successful cycle and smooth pregnancy.


IVF medication rises TSH in hypothyroid women . I had to increase from 75mcg to 125mcg .

Hypothyroid affect embryo causing IVF failure or miscarriage and infertility.


Thank you. I've become quite emotional with this today. I'd been pretty calm about it all until this point. Like everyone that goes through IVF, I just want to know I am giving my embryo the best chance. And today I feel that my endo is letting me down. I've an appointment to speak to Dr Chapman next week and I hope he can guide and reassure me.

Thank you for your reply.

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It ;s best to have proper thyroid treatment before IVF . My IVF failed due to Ovarian hyper stimulation and tsh was high after injections even on levo and doctor should have cancelled my IVF treatment.

I wasn't lucky .


Hi I have also went through IVF and nobody mentioned this or indeed took any test! I am so happy to hear that you are taking charge of your health and asking questions etc I just want to wish you the very best of luck. A very emotional time for you xx


Thank you xxx


Hi Lfhbm, hope you're keeping well and not stressed. As far as I know you need to get tested every 4 weeks whilst on your thyroid meds which will be increased if needed.


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