Been to see Endocrinologist

Hi all this morning I saw my first Endo what a complete waste of time he looked at my previous blood results and told me perfect I asked maybe I wasn't converting he replied I doubt that very much yet give me more blood tests including thyroid so if I was fine why more bloods as these are recent ones I am going private on the 21 st would be very grateful of any input I can aim at him lol thanks my recent blood test for thyroid were . SERUM TSH Level 0.21mu/L. (0.27_4.20) Low. SERUMfree T4 level 18.8 pmol/L (11.0-25.0) Thanks

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  • Did your recent blood test include FT4 and FT3? If not, he wouldn't be able to tell if you were converting.

  • Hia Greygoose no I haven't had the T3 done I've just added my thyroid results now I've got private appointment on 21 st so I'm hoping they will do my FT 3 test for me thanks for reply he was really rude looked at me as if I was time wasting

  • Oh, they all do that. It's something we have to rise above. No, I was just thinking that if you haven't had your FT3 tested, he might have included it in the thyroid tests he now wants you to do.

  • I know over the years I've seen many speacialists this has been the rudest by far he just did not want to know it just said thyroid test liver bones and FBC what I remember so back to square one thanks for taking time to reply feeling very deflated tnite

  • Yes, I know how you feel. But you'll probably feel better after a good nights sleep. Do his tests, you never know. And I'd never refuse a blood test, you never know what you might find out.

    Take care. x

  • Yes your right there greygoose tmrws another day lol thanks for reply again x

  • Take heart Belimitzi, most of us have been there, done that and worn out the T shirt! We get the long awaited appointment and look forward to it as a way forward, someone to listen, understand and help. We are then so disappointed as we are dismissed as not worth their time - I have left in tears before now. Then there are the times you put forward an idea only to have it knocked down but when tests show you are right, they take the credit!

    The only Endo round here is actually a Diabetic specialist and knows less than could be written on the end of a thermometer. When I said this to my GP he actually nodded!

    Take control of your own health, read as much as you can and then see if you can find a way forward. This forum is so valuable!

  • Hi thanks for taking time to reply I've got a private appointment now on the 21 Nov so hopefully I will get a bit more sense this forum has been excellent without all of your help I'd be far worse than I am now regarding blood levels hope we all feel better soon thanks

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