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LDN - Hashi's

Hi, has anyone had good results with using LDN (low dose naltrexone)? if so, are you in the UK? I'm going to ask my GP for a prescription but i am not hopeful so wondered if there was any other users who had advice? i have contacted the LDN charity who've been very helpful with loads of info of where to start/go but great to hear more patient experiences using it for Hashi's. Thanks

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I tried LDN a couple of years back but didn't notice much improvement in my overall health.

I started using it again this year, and had quite a reasonable period of good health until I got a virus at the end of September. I was so ill, I forgot to take the LDN, and after 4 weeks the virus was going but I was feeling really tired again. I suddenly remembered the LDN, and a few days after restating it, I felt a lot better.

I would be surprised if your doctor would prescribe it. It is (IMHO) expensive to buy, so if you want details of how to try it, PM me.

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wow thats good to hear it made you feel a lot better....are you still taking it now? is it a lifetime thing? I'm currently experimenting with adding T3 to my T4 meds as i am high in RT3 now so want to get to grips with that and ask my GP on the 18th about the LDN. if it's a no go i'll follow the LDN charity advice of paying £35 to speak to a consultant. is that how you got yours?


I believe that it is something that we need to take for life, or at least as long as any immune system problem exists.

I simply read up on it all, and ordered tablets on-line , and then made up my own liquid.


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