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Help with LDN

Hi everyone, for those with experience of Ldn, I just wanted to ask you a few questions. I tried taking LDN for a month and felt mentally much better but struggled with awful insomnia. Sometimes not sleeping a wink for 4 days, even on just 1ml! I also had constant palpitations, maybe made worse from lack of sleep! Thing is, I felt I couldn't continue with it  any longer. I felt like I had constant flu like symptoms and was very run down after a month of no sleep. I'm wondering if any of you take it successfully in the day and still feel like you get the benefits? My tsh also went from 0.9 to 3.45! The opposite of what you would expect. I feel like I'd like to try it again as it really did improve my mood, libido greatly. Have any of you been sensitive to it, maybe the fillers, or is there alternative types I could try? I get palpitations after eating/drinking most things but I had daily ectopic beats while on the LDN, which were quite scary. Any advice or info that could make this work would be much appreciated :) Thank u!

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...maybe worth contacting the LDN Research website and asking their advice ..... they seem a friendly bunch !

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It seems that you are very sensitive to LDN. I know that some start at a very low dose, like 0.1mg and up the dose in small increments every some weeks. 

You can take it in the morning and get less sleep disturbances. 

I read somewhere (fb group 'Thyroid disorders and LDN'??)  that TSH can increase in the beginning of LDN treatment and will normalize eventually. I don't remember the reason though :(

I started LDN at 0.5 mg and increased the dose by 0.5 mg every week. When I reached 2.5 mg I had to stay there for one month before I could go up. I'm now at 3.5mg and have got good help in sleep, pain and general well being but I have still place for improvement though. I have taken it 4.5 months. Some get results only after several months so I don't complain :))

It is so individual how you react to LDN so there are only general rules. 

I think it is very important to read and educate yourself as much as possible. I follow several different fb groups, where I have got a lot of good information and support. I bought the new LDN book by Linda Elsegood. It's a treasure of information!!!


Thanks. Yes, I do wonder if I was too eager to increase the dose.. I did start on 0.5 but increased weekly. The book sounds interesting, I'll look that up. Hope things continue to improve for u :)


Thank you and for you too 👍🏻


you can take it in the morning instead of pm, according to 2 doctors i consulted with.  i did not take it myself after a few days.

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