Do you take LDN for Hashi's?

I would like to hear from people who are taking LDN.What dose are you on?

I started with .5 LDN in August 2015.Currently on 3.0.Have not had any negative side-effects,so far.

Wondering about continuing to up my dose to 4.5.

Noticed STTM book says many with Hashi's settle on 3.0

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I'm on LDN but started on 1ml and to increase weekly until 4.5mls.

What;s the reasoning behind stopping at 3mls?

I'm week 3, so on 3mls now. I'm finding that I've had to reduce my NDT as I feel over medicated on 1/2 a grain!

I had headaches for the first week or so and still have crazy dreams - which I don't mind.

I was prescribed 4.5 to be reached by increasing in the same way.I have just been ultra-cautious,due to online research re Hashi's.Apart from vivid dreams,I haven't noticed any side-effects,so think I will continue to raise.Re intense dreams-at menopause,vivid dreaming diminished for me,so I don't mind getting them again!

Have you had any improvements? I have asked for ldn at the doctors and she referred me to a dermatologist as she is not allowed to prescribe it although the dermatologist is. ( i also have Lichen sclerosus). My dermatologist appointment is in 4 weeks so fingers crossed.


Hi galathea,

Please let us know how your app goes. I too have LS which I hope to deal with soon.

J 😊

I decided to buy LDN privately,not go through my GP,as I had just been given a scrip for T3 & didn't feel inclined to push my luck.When I started on the LDN in August,I had just finished weaning myself off thyroxine onto T3-only.I also went GF shortly after,so its hard to know what was doing what.However,due to mental & physical improvements,plus the written info on LDN,I am happy to stay on it long-term,as I have not had side effects of any import.

At present I am taking 10mcgs T3 in the early hours & 2gr NDT in the night.

Hi there, could you please PM me with your source? Thanking you in anticipation - I've considered this for a while - as that which may well be 'the missing link for me'. :-)

Hi LindaC,HU isn't functioning properly at the moment,so I only saw your request by accident,checking under the bell icon.will PM you today

Thank you so much Naomi8 - very kind of you :-)

Hi LindaC - lots of info on the above link - I was almost there :-)

Thank you so much Marz... last year the horror of low temps [worst year EVER, as in stumbling, punch drunk] was staved off by me this year using Phosphatidyl Serine - worked a treat 3 a day at first, then tapering off to 1 a day to maintain. On returning from Seattle - fairly warm - I've slumped terribly due to it going back here to being almost winter. I've learned that I'm clearly very 'seasonally affected' [not simply SAD - used a lamp for years]. When I get a chance I'll give it a thorough read - very much appreciated. OH, hang on the sun is starting to shine ;-)

Hi Naomi8, i do not take it but I'm in the beginning stages of trying to obtain it through my GP or privately. how did you get it out of interest?

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