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Hospital stay time, Hemithyroidectomy?

Hi folks, I'm new to the forum for Thyroid. After my neck swelled in Sept I had tests scans biopsies and have a Thy3f result so will be having a hemithyroidectemy to remove the tumor and left side of my Thyroid. I am in between private cover due to changing jobs so will be with the NHS for my op. But I'm going to self fund a private room for my stay in hospital. So my question is how long were you in after your op ? I understand I cannot leave until the drain comes out but so much different info online about length of stay!



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Welcome to the forum, Adele-84.

Surgery is done during the day and usually patients are kept in overnight for observation and discharged late morning or early after noon the following day. The drain is usually removed before discharge but one patient on my ward was discharged with the drain in place.


Thank you hopefully I will only be paying for 1 night then 😊

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I had a total thyroidectomy, I was in for two days and one night (I went home before bedtime on 2nd day as couldn't sleep for noise on ward . They wanted to keep me for 2nd night as bp and calcium levels were bit low. My sister had a hemi and stayed one night.

Good luck, take some water bottles and ginger biscuits in with you. Xx


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