19 Days Post Hemithyroidectomy (Partial Tyroidectomy)

19 Days Post Hemithyroidectomy  (Partial Tyroidectomy)

Hi , Wanted to post another update, in case it helps others like me. Now 19 days post op, scar healing really nicely. Pathology results were good, and I'm starting to feel more human. I'm still very tired but back in full time work and coping ok, few issues with the fatigue but hoping that will pass. 6 week post op blood test booked, so fingers crossed the remaining right side of my Thyroid behaves and I won't need meds 😊

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  • Hope you continue to recover and won't need any meds.

  • Good to hear recovering well and hope so far what's left will continue to work.

    With me, it was about 12-24 months before mine completely packed up and they accepted I needed the meds.

    If you start to get more fatigued and notice weight creeping on, keep on at them to re-check and re-check. As I said it took the docs here months to actually believe there was something going on, or not as the case maybe.

    Good luck and may your healt continue to improve.

  • Hello, I am new here, have hyperthyroid and am on Neo Mercazole 3 times 10 mg daily. My Thyroid is very big and the endo advise a complete thyroidectomy, which I am not so sure about. Did you or anyone reading this try reducing the thyroid with radio active iodine treatment ?

  • Leener71,

    If you have a large goitre (swelling) you will need surgery to remove it. RAI will ablate the thyroid gland but won't get rid of a goitre.

  • Thank you Clutter. Is the goitre not just the enlarged thyroid gLand?

  • Leener71,

    Not always.

  • Adele-84,

    Your scar looks very neat. It will fade with time and people who don't know will think it's a crease in your neck. Well, that was my experience anyway. Not sure about this time. Glad you are recovering well.


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