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Hi all, as I have only slight below average tsh and acceptable 3t3 and 4 but have raised antibodies so have Hassimoto's but Dr not treating (he'll wait till I'm not producing tsh ) I have quoted Dr Tort and will print of papers and give to him but at the mow my only option is to help myself I'm taking a thyroid support tablets and a good B multi vitamins along with b12 patches as a family history of PA but my question is has anybody found food to help with thyroid health?

Best wishes x

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  • read my post love...I hope it will inspire u a little;)

  • Ok thanks flasinthepan I think you mean the hemp etc one?


  • Aye tcm general dietary requirements sheet Google

  • Debs, what on earth does he mean, until you're not producing any TSH? Does he know that you would have to be very hyper, or have Graves, not to produce any TSH? Does he have any idea what he's talking about?

  • Hi grey goose

    Well I don't think so!! "To put my mind at rest" condescending git has agreed to do folate feritin vit d 2 and 3 blood tests because I argued with him due to what I'd read on here mentioned the site and was unsure what time my bloods were done and that I'd eaten his reply was "don't believe everything you read" so because I know that's what ppl have said on here and I consider that you are all far more knowledgeable than GP I said so is it wrong tben? To which he replied "I don't know ill have to look it up!" Also had a disagreement over B12 patches but I'm still gonna use um I've got cfs appointment in January pmsl but I've managed that very well for last 2 years (that was diagnosed privately, as GP was useless then) but that's in January (because according to gp) the wait is so long "because there's lots of sick ppl out out there" I was tempted to to say well it's cause your not helping them! Sorry to rant on , but that's why I'm trying to do things myself! I saw my mum and grandmother with underactive thyroid an both go onto PA unsure about hassis with them that generation never questioned GPs mores the pity they may have lived longer! Medical science has supposed to be advancing but my surgery has definitely missed the boat! We hope to move next year I can only hope I find a better gp

  • Well, I hope so, too. Because if you wait until you're not producing any TSH, you're going to have a very long wait! And, what exactly is he proposing to do then, anyway? lol

  • Probably make ano th her condescending remark and leave me to suffer!!

    But have loads of lovely support comments from site to Inspire and help me thanks everybody

  • The best option for you is to give up gluten completely , and find a functional nutritionist of dr to help you, as you may well be able to turn this around as its early days and you may save your thyroid ; Best of luck

  • Thanks Julie yes just started gluten free and will research a functional nutritionist x

  • Oliver Barnett in London is good

  • Thanks x

  • I don't know where you live but Oliver Barnett is the only one recognised by Thyroid Uk you can search for his web site easily, he works in London and St Albans, and he is fantastic, I have been with him for 4 months and we have found all the things that are wrong that annoy the thyroid including elevated levels of mercury as1 had amalgams and ate lots of sushi and my dna suggested i have low ability to remove this toxin, so we are working on that, working on fixing all issues internally one by one to make better all over health, christmas is coming just say no presents just some money for my quest for better health, I agree endocrinologist are rubbish, we should start a petition for them to have to do T3 uptake and T3 blood test and T3 uptake and T4 test as well as an ultra sound of the thyroid and test the blood for antibodies, this is not self diagnose but understanding what to ask for from doctors and talking to functional nutritionist who understand the causes and not just dishing out pills to fix the autoimmune disease whilst the disease still damages the thyroid, no endocrinologist I have seen for 29 years ever mentioned gluten mimicking T4 and then the body attacks health cells as there are too many in the blood stream

    Hope this help, too late for me to fix my as has been damaged but that doesn't mean I can't stop other things happening because I have a under active thyroid and for people who are just diagnosed simply removing all gluten can help stop hashimotos from damaging the thyroid gland

    Good luck

  • Idiot Dr.

    With a Hashimotos you need to be gluten free as it is an auto immune disease. Studies show that nearly 100% of people with Hashimotos have leaky gut.

    Going gluten free and finding your other food sensitivities will help hugely. Potato (a nightshade) makes my joints hurt terribly.

    Research leaky gut.

    Kris Kresser Website

    Read books by Dr Datis Khazzarian

    Immune system recovery plan by Susan Blum is really good too.

  • Thanks Kate yes had/? Have leaky gut treated alongside cfs (2years ago) which I think so dioes private Dr cleared up will read what you recommend thanks very much x

  • Ps good luck finding a better GP, we are all in the same boat with ignorant idiots wherever in the country we are!

  • Are you suffering any symptoms? If so, then I would be tempted to go back to him and ask to be put on a low dose of levothyroxine. Mention that you've done some research and know someone who was the same and would like to try it if possible.

    I was in the same boat. I was investigated because I was anaemic, and they discovered I was borderline. So they did some tests for antibodies, and on a positive result decided to start me on a low dose. My only symptom was feeling tired and I'd put that down to ageing. I felt more energised within a week.

    Sorry this post doesn't help with diet. I don't supplement with anything and just try and eat healthily. I'm now on 100micrograms and have been for about 10 years. I started on 50 I think, or maybe 25.

  • Hi Ruby yes I am showing signs tired weight gain hair etc that's why I asked the idiot gp for bloods! Thanks for reply it's good to hear ppls journeys it really helps x

  • Since you have Hashimoto's you will probably end up being hypothyroid. When people are hypothyroid their TSH gets higher. You don't stop producing it, as your doctor seems to think.

  • Yes Guinean that's what I'm desperately trying to avoid I actually don't think my GP thinks!!! X

  • For information on hashi's, food, and supplements, search for info on Izabella Wentz. She is a sufferer herself and has a website, a facebook page, and has also written a book which gets good reviews on Amazon.

  • Just seen this about diet , on Isabella Wenz's fb page:

  • Thanks x

  • Also it's important to eat brazil nuts as they're rich in selenium. I cook with coconut oil as that helps too.

  • Yes just started getting organic Brazil's is it 4 daily? Coconut oil is also supposed to be good for constipation 1tsp at night before bed haven't tried it yet but m8 who told me said it it works many thanks for help x

  • If you want the science and a thorough examination of diet try Sarah Ballentynes book and the autoimmune protocol website for recipes. This has definitely helped my identify all my sensitivities and do the reintroduction in a very orderly fashion with foodstuffs placed in 4 groups allowing us to work though the least likely to cause problems to the most risky. Good luck with that GP.

  • Thanks cwill will read x

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