Ok to take blood on a Sunday? Private test


Its been 8 weeks since I upped levo to 50mg and I need to do my finger prick test with Medicheck. I put it off all week as I as shaken from the blood test my gp did last week (I've a real fear of blood tests even the finger prick ones I dread lol).

Medicheck and Blue Horizon in past have said to me bloods are fine in the post for up to 3 days so not to worry if my samples were ever late so does this mean if I did my sample tomorrow and posted it special delivery Monday it would be ok to arrive Tuesday? or is it not worth the risk of thr blood clotting.

I just have very busy mornings next week and hubby leaves 6.30am recently so I've not got him here to help me take the sample. I'm a total wuss and need someone with me when it comes to needles. I'm guessing I might have to though if Sunday is a no go.

I just thought I'd ask here incase anyone knows.



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  • Its best it gets to the lab as quickly as possible, personally I wouldn't do it the day before posting.

  • Thank you. My friend has said the same as you. I thought I'd ask here before doing it to be sure.

  • Weird. When I asked they told me that the ideal time is 12 hours and after 48 hours it is more likely that the sample is not good anymore.

    Both said the same.

  • Oh really. when I rang them once as my sample hadn't arrived they said it's ok it is fine in the post for a few days.

  • Are you using Medichecks ? If so they have info on their testing FAQ page about posting as soon as possible.

  • I use Medicheck and it specifically says in the instructions to only do tests on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday and send same day by guaranteed delivery 1pm the next day. Don't do tests on Friday/Saturday/Sunday.

  • Thanks all. I risked it anyway lol! see what they say but they did tell me samples are ok in the post for up to 3 days as tubes have anticoagulant in them.

  • I don't live in UK and had difficulty getting a courier to do a next day delivery and MediChecks said within 48 hours would be fine! Perhaps it's a different story with blood that needs to be drawn at GP surgery? So happened that I was flying out on holiday via Gatwick and managed to post it there.

  • Thank you.

    That's what medicheck said to me. as long as reaches themy in 2 to 3 days it's still fine to test it. it's on its way anyway lol.

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